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    I cannot delete a row in Excel

    At my workplace, I am working an excel file. I need to delete row completely. When I choose remove this row (not delete contents), it only deletes the content and the said row stays there. I want to remove the whole row altogether so that the rows below could move up but they don’t. Also when I...
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    What happens if I mix 3 DIMMs with different timings?

    I have an old PC which had 4 gb Corsair 1333mhz 9-9-9-24 installed. Now I wanted to increase the memory so I bought 2 more 4gb ram but they're 1600mhz with 11-11-11-28 timing. The BIOS says I have installed 12gb memory of 1333mhz with 9-9-9-24 timings. How do those slower DIMMs are running at...
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    [SOLVED] Building my first home server

    Hi, i wanna build a PC, that funkcion as a home server. I dont know, what hardware to buy. Its place will in the living room, from there run cat7 cables to the kids room and to our bed room. On the server want i run Plex server, storage HD or/and 4K movies, and play with Plex, i want use it as a...
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    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 2600 vs i5-8400

    I’m trying to decide between the 2600 or 8400. Both a great cpus and I’m pairing with a 2060. I did notice there seems to be a slight bottleneck with the 8400 in videos but I’m not sure. Which should I get? Mobo would either be z370 a pro or b350 plus. Thanks for the advice!!
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    [SOLVED] First build GPU help

    Hello, I've been researching computer parts for my first computer build for some time and an issue i have had has been looking at a graphics card that to me looks the same as another graphics card but they have 2 different prices, would anyone be able to offer insight into the 2 graphics card...
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    Does changing the motherboard makes me change the case?

    As the title said.
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    secondly (pausely) stuttering in games

    hello here is my rig 6700k 16 gb ram msi gtx 1080 gaming x asus z170 pro gaming at first sorry for my bad english because im not native speaker of en after upgrading from gtx 970 to 1080 ( i play at 1080p). i noticed that in some areas of the game i tested ( ac origins ) and aslo in benchmark...
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    Pocket AM/FM radio that will pair to bluetooth headphones

    Does anyone make a pocket AM/FM radio with bluetooth out to connect my bluetooth wireless earbud headphones. I want it built in so I don't have to use a separate bluetooth transmitter connected to the headphone jack or add a wire to the headphone jack for an antenna.
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    Is DDR3 compatible with my Intel i5-5200U processor?

    I want to upgrade my laptop from 6GB (1X4GB & 1X2GB) to 16GB (2X8GB) and I'm curious if DDR3 will work. I don't want to spend money on something that potentially wouldn't work. This is the one I'm currently looking at this one. If there are any questions you want to ask, I'm all ears. I'm not...
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    [SOLVED] 16 gb of 2400MHz (2 sticks) or 8gb of 2666MHz (1 stick)

    what would be better for gaming SPECS: i5-8400 1060 3GB 8GB RAM TUF B360M-PLUS
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    New pc freezes

    Ok so I did a new build and for some time everything was fine. But now couple days ago I really had an opportunity to do some gaming. Played for couple hours all good. Next day blue screen and could not even enter win kmode_exeption_not_handled did a reset on pc came another error...
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    [SOLVED] Suitable GPU for an ACER AX3960

    Dear Tom's Hardware Community. I bought an ACER AX3960 Core i3 including a monitor for the princely sum of £25. It needs a ram upgrade obviously and I'm going to install an SSD, but I wondered if you could recommend a GPU that will both fit in the case and also not draw too much power - I...
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    $2,000 + pc build (Help me pick parts)

    Hi, my name is dylan. I am going to build a computer with the budget of about $2,000 i can go over if the extra cost is worth it, would just take me a little more time. I am not including os,monitors etc in this budget. Just the parts. Please help me pick parts, i plan on buying parts as i...
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    [SOLVED] RX 580 very low FPS

    I have a RX 580 installed in my very old build(waiting for Zen 2) CPU - Q8300 GPU - RX 580 Red Devil Golden Sample 8GB RAM - 4GB DDR3 Mobo - Gigabyte GA-G41M-Combo Dual BIOS PSU - Corsair CX 650 When I play darksiders warmastered Edition I can’t get beyond 15 FPS at 1080p and 720p at the...
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    144hz with 100fps

    Hello, I would like to buy a new 144hz monitor but my computer cant do 100fps or above in some games I play and I want to know if it is a big problem or not.
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    can i install a windows 10 hardrive from a hp laptop, to a windows 10 lenovo laptop?

    My new Lenovo laptop has barely any memory on hard drive so I would like to move my larger(more memory) from my windows 10 hp laptop, is it possible?
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    [SOLVED] Computer randomly locking up during gaming.

    My computer has been locking up and i have been getting a randomly colored "screen of death" occasionally during gaming. more recently its been happening right on game launch or shortly after. i just got a SSD and just upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10 (fresh clean SSD and install) Recently...
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    [SOLVED] New RTX 2080 performs poorly

    Hello everyone! I recently had a new PC and I've had problems playing Battlefield 5 especially. Looking at benchmarks, a RTX 2080 should run BF5 at an average of 148fps in ultra (I don't even ask for this much lol) but I barely get a stable 60fps while playing in high (sometimes I get 80fps for...
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    [SOLVED] Motherboard not accepting my Asus radeon 580 8gb

    Hey, this is my new build and I've run into a problem. My motherboard and CPU go into boot but because it's not accepting my gpu so can't do anything on it. I think it is to do with my gpu as there is a small red light (I think they're the indicators) which doesn't go off, indicating a problem...
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    USB 4TB exFat or NTFS

    Last month, I posted a question regarding whether I should be able to see/use entire 4 or 6TB, was advised should be no problem. Received a USB WD 4TB external HD as a present. I can indeed see the entire 4TB, no problem. It is exFat, I assume because to be compliant to Win or Mac. My...