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    Which 2TB 7200rpm HDD buy? Toshiba p300??

    Hi people, i am going to buy a new PC build and i am looking for a high speed, reliable, no noisy HDD. -> I am going to buy 2 HDD of the same model, instead of one of 4tb. -> 2TB per HDD -> 7200rpm -> 70-80€ per HDD 1. I was interested in Toshiba P300 but it seems that this HDD is a bit...
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    [SOLVED] More Ram or an SSD for Gaming?

    So recently with my computer I've been playing a lot of demanding games such as Battlefield 5 and Arma 3. Only when i play these games however, i get stutters, freezes, and textures taking a lot longer than usually to load in. I heard that an SSD would be good for space and game loading times...
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    How to "refresh" my PC

    My current PC is preaty old but still works fine. Two years ago I upgraded my GPU 6850 to RX480 4gb and now I'd like to upgrade it again with minimal costs. I'm planing to change only motherboard and CPU, but I don't know what is the optimal soultion for the rest of my componenst. Here is my...
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    My PC is getting constant BSODS

    Hi all. Recently I started getting constant BSOD's on my gaming pc build. The BSOD's are seemingly random, sometimes happening when I turn my pc on, off, or load up an application. These BSOD's include system service exception, memory management, irql is not less or equal, and more. They...
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    [SOLVED] New system build

    Hi guys, I am wanting to upgrade my current system (i5 3570k, gtx 1060) to an i7 9700k. I'm probably going to hold off on a graphics card upgrade until Q2 2019. I'm looking for good z390 motherboards for the 9700k, and also good cases with windowed side panels. I've had a look at the lian li...
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    [SOLVED] New Rig wont boot or giving any sign of life

    Just finished building my new computer, but it wont boot nor the fans are working. The LED´s on the Motherboard are on so it is powered. I almost tried every thing i could find for troubleshooting. Even shorting ther PWR_SW has no effect at all. CPU: Intel I7 8700K Motherboard: ASUS Strix B250F...
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    black friday sytem - feedback required

    Hi, so leading up to black friday I have dug deep into up to date hardware, what to buy and what I need etc and I'd like some feedback on multiple points, but the important infos first: screen: 1920x1200 60hz usage: no high end gaming, often photoshop So it's a decent budget build for me I...
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    [SOLVED] Battleifeld v not using 100% of the cpu and gpu

    Hello so i have a battlefield 5 and i am playing with a 144 hz dispaly and i am just geting 70-80 fps and my cpu and gpu usage is at 50-70% my specs Custom loop med følgende komponenter: EK-CoolStream XE 240 (radiator) EK-Vardar (Vifter) EK-RES X3 (reservoar) EK-Supremacy EVO - Gold (cpu...
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    Cant find CMOS battery for Sony vaio

    My old Sony Vaio vpcea45fg laptop doesn't turn on anymore. The power light is on, but the screen won't turn on nor will the lock keys work. I read that the cmos battery might have died and could be preventing bios from being booted properly. Which is the CMOS battery? I can't find a round button...
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    [SOLVED] Computer won't boot, Cpu fan revs up and down, bad mobo?

    On mobile, forgive me for any formatting issues. Specs: Asrock b350 mini itx Ryzen 1600 Corsair sf600 Gskill 3200 ddr4 2x8gb Gtx 1080 So this build is about a year old or so and all of a sudden it just shut down one day and refused to boot. Where I'm at now, the system starts up, and the cpu...
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    motherboard led stuck at orange led

    hello the motherboard stuck on orange led i cang change it form the rgb fusion didn't response also from bois i have tried vit nothing happen i tried to turn the power off from the power supply (the button 1/0 ) but still the led o stucked on orange :( can some one help ?? thanks also i...
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    [SOLVED] extra ground mandatory?

    Im moving the guts of a thinkcentre m81 into a new case. The usb connector from the panel has should receive 2 grounds. But the wire that came with my new case are lackind 2 grounds wires. Will it matter if those are not connected to my m81 motherboard or should i create 2 other ground wire from...
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    [SOLVED] RGB Software? Very Confused.

    So I know I am being stupid, but how do I control the RGB on my Asus ROG Strict B350-F.l? Im sure you must be able to control it. I downloaded Asus aura RGB but it controls my Corsair Vengeance RGB Gen1 Ram, when the Corsair software doesn't very well? Very confused. Many thanks, Thomas
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    AVX offset causing instability

    Hi, I am using Z390 Aorus Master with 9900k. The problem is when I set AVX offset to 0 and run Cinebench it will run perfectly fine. But when I set some AVX offset (1,2,3) and run Cinebench it will always BSOD. Does anyone know what could be the problem?
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    [SOLVED] No Post after Overclock Ryzen 7 2700X - Asus Rog Strix X470-i Gaming

    Desperately need help, because I'm in it up to my neck! I built this PC a few months back and it's been running like a dream. I had overclocked the CPU with great success and without any problems. I had updated the bios recently with Asus EZ bios update and wanted to take advantage of some of...
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    how far Asus Prime B-350 plus can safely overclock Ryzen Cpus compared to x370?

    Hello. I just did overclocking my Ryzen 5 1500x @ 3.9ghz at 1.41v. The max temp is 76 with 12 min aida stress test and it was stable. So my question is : Will b350 prime good enough to hold the overclocking at 1.41v for long terms without damaging vrm components?( idk what these do tho xD)...
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    Monitor looses signal while playing

    Hello,i have a problem with my pc when im playing for about 30mins my Monitor looses signal but the game still runs i can hear sound,sometime even the sound crashes and some fan goes really loud. it happens when im playing demanding games like COD BO4,Rise of Tomb Raider,etc But when im playing...
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    [SOLVED] List Game For i3 8145u?

    I have windows 10,4gb ram and i3 8145u. help me for game
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    Intel 8th/9th series or wait for Ryzen 3000

    Hello guys, As specified in my previous threads I would like to switch to ddr4. I am no fan boy of intel or amd, I honestly want good performance. The pc will be used for gaming. I am currently using a GTX 1070 G1 from Gigabyte which I will keep for at least this year(most probably will switch...
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    CPU utilisation capped

    I have an i5 6500, Gigabyte B250M mobo, 16GB RAM @ 2133Hz, RX 480 Noticed the highest my CPU usage goes is 68% from Task Manager. Read a few threads, ran Cinebench and CPUZ to check. Power settings has maximum CPU usage at 100%. For curiosity, also ran Afterburner to check CPU usage...