Question Is 86c temps normal in an RTX 2070 gaming cube such as...


Mar 12, 2018
I recently bought a "Lenovo Legion C730" gaming cube that consists of an RTX 2070 gpu and i7 9700k cpu.

And I was wondering if having 86c temps on 95-100 gpu work load is safe in a gaming cube such as the c730?

I've read people saying that 85-86c is normal but not ideal for such a gpu.

I want some suggestions if I should return this product and just build a pc from scratch or of someone can verify that this is safe?

I've read reviews saying that the c730 is actually a good product, but also noticed that most of these reviews are for the mid-range gpus such as the GTX 1060 or lower.

I also noticed that their seems to be a slight burn smell(or maybe just my imagination)but not sure if this is just normal or something to worry about in a new product?

Suggestions would be appreciated!


If it were me, I'd return it. IF IT WERE ME.
That is just poor case design. Is that top panel completely closed off? I can't be sure from the pictures.

86C is 'OK', but a tad toasty. Problem is, temps like those aren't ideal for Nvidia's Gpu Boost algorithm. It works by 'boosting' gpu clock speeds to the maximum, as long as power and temperature limits allow.
If 86C is normal temps for the gpu inside that case, then you'll never get to see the full potential of that card.
Gpu Boost has a power limit, which once hit, it throttles clocks down a little, and temperature 'thresholds'... for each one it passes, it drops clocks more and more, until it hits the absolute limit, then it drops clocks hard.
I know of just 3:
-1st threshold is 58/60C, after which it drops some 50 - 100mhz.
-2nd one is ~72C, drops another 50 - 100mhz.
-3rd is 84C, same drop
-90/91C is thermal throttling, and that's like a 1000mhz drop.

A 1060 should run much cooler as it simply doesn't pull as much power - about 50% less.
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