Question Is an RTX 3080 overkill for 1080p gaming?


This likely depends on the game, as BF1 and BF5, although limited to 200 FPS, cannot currently achieve it with a 2080Ti, but, yet FPS goes up when details/quality are turned down or resolution lowered...(implying still GPU limited)

We should know as soon as the reviews are out!

(Although if you are already getting 200 fps in game 'XYZ' with a 2070 at 1080P, jumping to 340 fps might not seem all that beneficial...if even noticeable...)


Nov 21, 2014
I do not think so, sure the majority of the games would max out, but some titles especially with RTX on should run in the 100+ fps range, wich is perfectly noticeable over 60 fps, of course theres things like flight simulator, cb 2077 with rtx, monster hunter world that even without rtx is super intense, -AND-, if you play competitive you may want to dish out every single fps possible so... yeah, its not like its an absolute overkill.

i like to think of it like 32gb in 2017, people thought of it unnecessary but here we are, building new systems with 32gb awaiting it to become the safe amount while 16 the min... personally im getting the 3080 and I dont expect to upgrade for the next 5 years.
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Oct 24, 2016
So i thought of the same and this thread came up. I really like to crank up settings to the highest settings at 1080p at 24in 144hz monitor but I do not have the budget to upgrade on every generation. I do not feel like getting into 1440p since it entails having at least a 27in monitor and i play just about half a meter away from my monitor, that being said 27in is too big for me. So i'm stuck at 24in 1080p. Cranking up to max settings with no less than 100fps at 1080p, normally needs the level of a $500 GPU. So rather than spending $500 every year or two, i think i'd rather spend $700 on a 3080 and keep it for around 3 years until rtx 5xxx comes out. Some may say that a 1660ti for $300 should be fine, but let's consider that the 9th gen consoles are coming out and most likely PC requirements will be tough once their titles are ported over to PC, by then the 1660ti 6gb can hardly keep up especially at AAA titles. So yeah, 3080 maybe an overkill for 1080p but it is a good investment in the long run.