Is it a good idea to microwave this?: A ni-cad or ni-mh battery


Mar 16, 2010
Basically, I have a dead laptop battery that I tried charging by plugging it in for 3 weeks and would only get recognized and stay at 0%. I have it in my freezer in a bag, and if that won't work, can I microwave it for a few 2 second bursts? I heard that works, but I want to know if I can do it on a Ni-Cad ot Ni-Mh battery. :pt1cable:
First of all, DON'T BUMP. Second of all, that's a very odd question that most people (including myself) probably don't have an answer for. I'd say Google is your friend for this one, so just do some extensive searching to see if it's even feasible, and if it is, how others have fared trying it. I just wouldn't do it myself...