[SOLVED] Is it normal for Omen HP CPU to run ~90 degrees while under load?

Oct 1, 2020
I've had an omen laptop for about a year now. I got it last august. and I had all kinds of problems with it. It had blue screens and power problems so I sent it back to HP to get it repaired. It was returned to me with practically every piece of hardware replaced save the SSD. After this, it ran beautifully for most of the year. But it feels like it is overheating. Originally I was using a program called throttle stop to reduce the temps and it worked flawlessly. But due to recent intel updates, the program doesn't seem to work anymore. I have been checking my temps and it runs 60-80 degrees at idle/Light load, and runs between 90-98 degrees while under heavy load for only a few minutes and there doesn't seem to be much info on these computers having this problem, but I've heard that Omen computers are designed to run high temps. Assuming this isn't normal, how would I go about fixing this issue?
Specs on the computer:
No modifications have been made other than adding a second SSD
Specs on the CPU specifically:
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