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  1. S

    Question HP Omen 15 High CPU Temperature

    As I was playing Black Ops 3 On Max Settings i have noted the fans were going very loud so i check out the CPU and was shocked to see it was hitting the 100c mark so i tried undervoiting and no really much luck so reverted it back Surely it should run on call of duty black ops 3 on a GTX 1060M...
  2. A

    Question Virtual box using GPU

    Is there a way to make VirtualBox to use my laptop's GPU instead of the integrated graphics? I searched for hours and couldn't find a solution. Using it on windows 10 on a laptop - and the VM is a macOS Mojave
  3. D

    Question Low end laptop for video editing?

    I would like to ask what is the lowest system requirement that is enough for video editing mainly in After Effects? I have a good desktop at home, however I spend a lot of time travelling on train, which time I could use to cut and edit videos. Rendering speed is not important as I can simply...
  4. K

    Question Laptop kept on shutting down on its own

    Hi! I have an Alienware m15x with a gtx 260m and is operating on a windows 7 operating system. I have been using it for almost 3 years now but recently, my laptop kept on logging off then shuts down after quite a few seconds or minutes, somrtimes it performs the same process even while on the...
  5. O

    [SOLVED] Under £600 editing/gaming laptop?

    Hi there, I'm looking for an editing/gaming laptop under £600 I usually edit 1080p -2.7k footage in premiere pro/Sony Vegas and after effects. For gaming I usually play rainbows six, pubg and rising storm Vietnam. Preferably if it's in PC world or I could buy it with cash Thanks in advance!
  6. B

    Question Performance issues after RAM upgrade

    I own an Acer aspire E5 572g-525v. I recently added another 8 gigs of RAM to it which had identical specs to the factory default stick except for the capacity. Now, I did run into some BSODs initially but over time they fixed themselves. As of now though, my biggest issue is the performance drop...
  7. C

    Build Advice Looking to build a thin wall hangable computer. Need suggestions with motherbard

    If I buy a any cheap laptop motherboard-cpu combo or mini ITX motheboard-cpu combo, would it work with my existing components that I took out from my old laptop (Asus X55C)? P.S.: I have converted the laptop display to HDMI display using LVDS controller board.
  8. mustcan

    Question Is the Power Adapter suit to My Laptop?

    Hello, Need help Currently im losing my Power Adapter For Laptop Power Adapter Plug Type :ø4 (mm) Input : 100 -240 V AC, 50/60 Hz universal Output : 19 V DC, 3.42 A, 65 W And i found The Power Adapter on tokopedia...
  9. T

    Question Old laptop wont connect to WIFI

    Laptop= Gateway t series with Turion 64 x2 tl-60 Realtek RTL8187b 802.11b/g wireless card and 2 gigs of ram with SSD and windows 10 Router= Belkin N600db N+ I dug up my old laptop the other day and to get it working again i got a new battery, ssd and new thermal paste (it was so hard i had to...
  10. T

    Question Anyone with a FX503VM, what is your idle/stress temperature?

    I've been struggling to play games such as Monster Hunter: World on this, which is absurd since it has 8GB RAM and a 1060GTX. Even my 960GTX desktop runs at 40-60 FPS but with the FX I'm lucky to get 10. I have also noticed that my idle temp is often somewhere between 50/60, and my stress is...
  11. S

    Question ThinkPad T430 keyboard issue HELP

    So I own a ThinkPad t430 for the last 2 years, today I took it apart and cleaned the keyboard out and removed it. Now I've put it back in and almost all of the keys do not work at all anymore and I'm not sure what to do, I've checked it's connected properly. The Power button, Volume keys and...
  12. B

    Question Is This RAM Ok For My Laptop?

    I want to upgrade my laptop's ram from 4 to 8gb. I have already found what i think is a suitable ram for it but just to make sure i want to ask you guys if this ram will fit my pc. Here is my ram: and here is the ram i want to buy...
  13. Firetailmadness

    Question My laptop has only one audio jack, but what about the mic?

    My laptop has only one Jack to plug in any 3.5mm devices, and I've got earbuds with an in-line microphone, but when I plug them in I only get audio but the mic pics up nothing :/ My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 GAMING™️ attached is the icon next to the audio jack that looks like to me a...
  14. P

    Question Old laptop extremely slow, what hardware related problem could it be ?

    It's an old laptop, so yes it has to be slow, but we can all agree that no laptop should take 30 seconds to 2 minutes to open my computer, and 3 minute to 6 minutes to open chrome. The laptop was abandoned after a virus which made all image, video formats corrupt (you can't open them). I tried...
  15. daniyalkh14

    Question Hp omen fans ramp up when laptop moved

    hello guys i'va purchased used hp omen 15(7700hq,1050 4 gb),i've noticed something weird that the fans start to ramp up whenever i move the laptop a little bit and they dont slow down after that,i tried couple of softwares to control fans speed but no luck,i opened the laptop and cleaned the...
  16. daniyalkh14

    Question HP omen 15 fans ramp up

    Hello i bought a used hp omen 15 (7700hq,1050 4gb)everything about it is fine except one problem its fan ramp up and down for no reason,sometimes they stay at high speed for too long,even even laptop is idle, i've tried finding settings in bios but no luck, tried updating nvidia drivers,tried...
  17. G

    Question Special Laptop Troubleshoot(Lenovo B560 power led blinking, No display)

    So here's the whole story. I was trying to repair this laptop i.e. Lenovo B560. It had lagging issues. The way it was lagging, I was pretty sure it was cause of tons of viruses in it. So I started installing a fresh windows on it. And after that, when I was about to install the antivirus, I...
  18. mustcan

    [SOLVED] Laptop Body Dent

    Hello, need Help Is Lenovo Cover Warranty for Body Dent? The laptop suddenly fell on the floor, everything is okay except the body Notes: The Laptop is still Under Warranty in Singapore If Lenovo unable to fix this, is there any sites i could go to buy the body? Thanks
  19. L

    Question Is my Lenovo laptop dead?

    I have an old Lenovo B50-70 i5. About 2 days ago when I went to turn the laptop on I got a message along the lines of "the checksum does not match, BIOS potentially corrupted" I'm paraphrasing because I can't remember the exact message. Since then I havent gotten the laptop to start, even when I...
  20. O

    Question Charger with ON/OFF at the plug

    Hi Everybody and first, thanks a lot for any help. I have a laptop charger with an ON/OFF function at the out plug. I need to use this charger in another laptop but it does not work. I need to disable this function. More details please see here : View...