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  1. D

    Seeking advice on a new laptop

    Hi! 1. What is your budget? 500-1000 €. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13-14". 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1920x1080 or higher. 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Portable. 5. How much battery life do you need? 6-8h is fine (as...
  2. P

    Question Laptop fan spins briefly on startup and shutdown, otherwise will not spin.

    Dell Latitude 7480 i5-6300u Laptop had hard freezes where nothing worked. Finally thought I had it figured out (bad fan), ordered a new fan, heat sink and thermal paste. Installed everything, and started it up with the bottom cover removed, Saw the fan spin up so I thought everything was...
  3. C

    Question Acer Predator with RTX 4080 is pulling 593w and running at 210mhz at idle ?

    I bought the new Acer Predator Helios 18 with an RTX 4080 for my 9 month deployment to Lithuania. Laptops been working great up until I got here about 2 days ago. Plugged into the wall and the laptop says it’s stuck at 593w, 100% gpu usage, and 210mhz clock speed. If I switch to Nvidia GPU only...
  4. pekodam

    Question Best budget 2TB SSD for a Laptop?

    Hey, I've recently purchased a Lenovo Legion Slim 5 and it has a SKHynix HFS512GEJ9X115N 512GB. I'm looking to expand with a budget 2TB drive to store mainly games with my budget being around the $80-$100 range. I've done a little research and am currently looking at: WD Black SN770 ($100)...
  5. realomer

    Question Why gpu usage is not %99 strix g15

    I am gaming on asus rog strix g15 with r7 6800h and rtx3060 ı tested 2 games war thunder and battlebit but ı am not sure why ı dont see %99 gpu usage. ı get %99 gpu usage when ı am doing stable diffusion.gpu mode is ultimate, fan mode turbo. vsyncis disabled. display settings showing 300hz...
  6. Luno

    Question Lenovo IdeaPad 3 17ABA7 - Windows 11 crash ~3 minutes after boot

    Hi, I recently bought this laptop for a family member for light to medium intensity office use. I exchanged the preinstalled 512GB SSD with a larger 2TB drive (WD Green SN350), everything else is original. After about 2 months of really great performance, Windows 11 started to crash about ~3...
  7. K

    Question Bluetooth and Finger not working on my Dell Laptop E6410 using windows 10

    Hello, I have facing an issue on my laptop Dell Latitude E6410. The bluetooth and Finger are not working on the my laptop. I am using Windows 10 and not getting the solution please anyone can give the solution?
  8. AlexRamos312

    Question RAM Replacement on a Laptop

    I have a laptop with 16GB RAM (2x8GB), and 2GB of it is reserved for my GPU (RTX 3060 Mobile), so I want to upgrade it to 32GB. I was wondering if there will be a problem with that if and when I replace my RAM, if it automatically reserves the 2GB to the GPU, if my PC just stops working, or if I...
  9. MattMan_007

    Cheap Gaming Laptop

    Does anyone know a good WIN 11 PC model that is cheap, can be refurbished to play cod modern warfare 2? Thanks!
  10. S

    Question Laptop Performance Issues Post Hard Crash

    Hello friends, I have recently run into performance issues with my laptop. Over the course of one day my laptop completely shut down twice while playing the game WARNO. Ever since the second shut down my laptop has been unbearably slow, I've noticed on games that I usually get 70+ frames on I'm...
  11. J

    Question Volume stuck, and touchpad non-functional ?

    I am currently trying to resolve an issue with a Lenovo Yoga 500. Once it has booted into windows, the touchpad becomes non functional and the volume control is stuck on screen and stuck at 100. I have tried reinstalling relevant drivers and resetting Windows but with no luck. Anyone had a...
  12. azar.barzin

    Question Nvidia Quadro K2100M can not find any driver update on the Nvidia website.

    Hi I have a Lenovo laptop for my video editing. It has an Nvidia Quadro K2100M graphic card. The graphic card driver is outdated, and the Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 is incompatible with the driver installed on my PC. It says compatibility issues update your Nvidia Quadro K2100M driver. But when I...
  13. X

    £400 Laptop for University Work - Used, Refurbished or New

    Hey¬! I'm in need of a daily runner £400 laptop preferably smaller (13 inch) for Uni work. I'm a chemist so my workload is very excel and word/ pdf heavy, alongside a lot of chrome tabs. No gaming required, I have a rig for that :). Used, Refurbished or New does anyone have any suggestions...
  14. K

    Question I need help with CPU compatibility list for my laptop's motherboard ?

    I have a HP Pavilion dv6-1314tx laptop and the motherboard is Quanta 3628 with an Intel Core 2 Duo T6600. I wanna know what CPUs are compatible with this motherboard and laptop model?
  15. aliahmad11

    Question hi , please help me , laptop freeze when i enable Integrated GPU (intel)

    The screen and keyboard stop, and then I have to press and hold the off button, and it comes back to work when i disable Integrated GPU , keep laptop work by nvidia gpu
  16. G

    Question Gigabyte G5 KD Overheating

    I my name is Jay My laptop specs: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-11400H @ 2.70GHz 2.69 GHz Ram: 16gb GPU: Nvidia RTX 3060 SSD: 512gb Nvme HDD: 2tb I bought this pc a while ago and now it's overheating I've already changed the thermal paste and cleaned the pc but now it's heating up so much...
  17. pbicez

    Question Laptop shows random black screens when gaming ?

    So I have an HP Omen Laptop (2019). it has RTX 2060 and i7-9750H. When im playing games my laptop tends to blackscreen without any error message, the display just turns off, it used to be very often but ever since I updated the BIOS it has become somewhat rare but is still a problem. Currently...
  18. Kindly Thrive

    Question Artifacts when playing video games on LG Ultra Wide Monitor. GTX 3070 TI laptop

    UPDATE: Moments after posting I got the idea of seeing if the built in monitor had the same issue as the LG curved ultra wide so I tested it out. Nope. It does not seem to have this issue on the built in screen. I went back to the big screen and saw the artifacts within seconds. So, signal...
  19. BeckyMoraes

    Question Can I kill my laptop when trying to change the RAM ?

    My laptop is Nitro AN515-52 and I bought a new 16GB RAM for it. Had the brilliant idea of switching my current RAM to another slot so I could put the other RAM more easily when it arrived. This laptop has only one compartment for RAM so that’s the only part I opened to change it. Yes the laptop...
  20. Orion Pulsar

    Most modern laptop with 1 SSD bay and 2 NVME slots?

    Topic title. I am currently running a 10th generation laptop with a RTX 2060 GPU. I'm running a 2x 2TB NVME and 1 8TB SSD in this laptpop. I'd like to be able to switch them over to a modern laptop. However, my research shows most modern laptops are strictly one or two NVME drives; to match...
  21. using google in BSOD

    Question New M.2 SSD not detected in my Asus TUF A15

    I just plugged in my new NVME SSD into it's socket and it won't appear in the file explorer. there's this error message in the events tab (device manager): \Disk&Ven_NVMe&Prod_KZ512\5&1adc7406&0&000000 were not migrated from previous OS installation due to partial or ambiguous device match...
  22. PhotoNerd314

    Question Laptop stops working after being unplugged

    Hello, I’m having a problem with a laptop. It’s a Lenovo IdeaPad Model Y510P, quite old, maybe 8-9 years old. The battery became bad very soon after it was bought (maybe after 2 years), so for the last years, it has been used without a battery (so only plugged in). The problem started over a...
  23. lrose0x46

    Question Asus N580GD won't boot any OS ?

    I bought a used Asus N580GD laptop. Previous owner said he wasn't able to install Windows because he didn't know how. After turning it on for the first time it was having problems to boot Windows. always getting BSOD or sometimes screen just freezes. I tried to boot with a USB flash drive but...
  24. C

    Question Will plastic chassis of Gigabyte G5 MF cause overheat problems?

    I am searching for a gaming laptop and I found the following: Gigabyte G5 MF It has plastic chassis and I would like to ask, will it cause any overheating problems ? Should I look for another laptop with aluminum chassis ? I don’t want performance drop while gaming, cause of overheat. Specs...
  25. C

    Question Laptop’s GPU wattage ?

    I am trying to find a gaming laptop for about 1000 Euros, with RTX Series GPU. I found a Gigabyte G5 with RTX 4050 6GB (Maximum Graphics Power 75 Watts). I read reviews which they say that laptops with more maximum graphics power will outperform the one that I found. For example, does it means...
  26. C

    Question Is the Gigabyte G5 MF Gaming Laptop a bad Option?

    I am reading various forums and they say that the Gigabyte G5 MF is not worth it beccause of its 40 Watts GPU (RTX 4050 6GB). My budget is around 1000 Euros. So my questions are the following: 1) Should I look for another “Gaming” laptop or is this ok? 2) If this laptop is not worth it, can I...
  27. C

    Question MSI Cyborg 15 Or Gigabyte G5 MF ?

    I would like to buy a new Gaming Laptop and I have the following options: 1) MSI Cyborg 15 A12VE-017XPL 15.6" FHD 144Hz i5-12450H 16GB RAM 512GB SSD GeForce RTX 4050 No OS US Keyboard 2) Gigabyte G5 MF i5-12500H 8GB RAM 512GB SSD...
  28. L

    Question What is happening to my laptop screen and can it be fixed ?

    Hello there. Yesterday, my laptop display showed the artefact shown in this link Nothing really happened beside travelling with my laptop stored in its usual backpack, no liquid exposure or anything. Weirdly, those traces do not appear when i display a whole white window, such as an empty...
  29. L

    Question Is the cpu and gpu dead when almost every capacitor is shorted?

    So i got a broken laptop (a hp pavillon 14 ce0006np) from a friend for free, so i checked to see if i could repair it, hoping it was just a component or ribbon cable. The laptop had been dropped and the hinges had taken some damage, but i got them off. btw, there is a "system board failure" as...
  30. Two_Percent

    Question Why is my laptop throttling when I unplug it then plug it in again ?

    Hi everyone, so the issue is that my ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo UX582 laptop keeps throttling its performance whenever I unplug the power supply, put the laptop on sleep, and then replug the power supply. Let me elaborate on what this usually looks like: 1. I unplug the laptop, close the lid 2. I...
  31. Blakeh098

    Question Dell laptop won't turn on

    Hi all, I have a Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2in1 Model: p83g It will not power up. If I press the power button once it does nothing If I press and hold the power button the CPU fan spins for about 5/10 seconds then stops and if I'm still holding the power button it keeps repeating this cycle If I...
  32. G

    Question Upgrade an old laptop ?

    I have a toshiba laptop with AMD E1-2100 APU processor with Radeon HD graphics 1.00 GHz, and 4 GB RAM, that i have bought since years, and from the moment i purchased it , i can almost do nothing, even browsing. Can you suggest me if i can upgrade it, put some more RAM , or something else so i...
  33. ccoo84

    M.2 DVD Caddy for Samsung series 5

    Hello, I was looking to buy a Caddy to replace the Blue Ray player in a old laptop, & I came across a M.2 Caddy, Will you actually get those speeds in a Sata Jack? Thank you
  34. charles_i

    Is the Dell XPS 13 laptop suitable for my use?

    I am considering buying the Dell XPS 13 and I would like feedback about it's suitability given my requirements. The most important consideration for me is portability as this laptop will be used for travel and it rates very well as a light weight, small footprint laptop. But I also need it to...
  35. MiltyDK

    Question FPS Issues On Gaming Laptop

    I've had a Gigabyte G5 Gaming Laptop for about 2 years now and it used to work pretty well for most of the games that I wanted to play when I got it but a while back now it's had problems with pretty much any somewhat demanding games and even those that weren't hard to run previously. The issue...
  36. Alleem

    Is It Normal Laptop Battery Wear level drop down to 58% after almost 2 year?

    So i had this MSI Modern 14 Laptop, i used it casualy for working and light gaming, but after almost 2 year, i started found out that my battery drains quickly, and i check that wear level drop down to 58%, and also sometimes the battery suddenly drop to 0% when i'm restarting laptop or turn on...
  37. playerhk

    Question Boot loop on windows logo

    I have a Toshiba satellite L365 Laptop which had 2x 2GB DDR3 RAM modules. And I installed 2x 8GB DDR3L RAM modules now. When i check the RAM from BIOS it was only 6 GB then when i try to boot up i ran in to boot loop o windows logo. Then I installed old modules back and boot up the system. And...
  38. Hoioidoi

    Question New SSD in Laptop is running comically slow ?

    I just installed a new NVME SSD (ADATA APSFG-2T-CSUS 2TB) into my laptop (Dell G15 5525 w/ R7 6800H, RTX 3060), replacing the stock one. After reinstalling Windows and installing a few apps, I loaded up CrystalDiskMark to benchmark the disk, but I am seeing some staggeringly low results: (The...
  39. universalrule

    Question Stuttering with external SSD ?

    I recently transferred every game to my external SSD for my gaming laptop. What I noticed that it has stuttering issue while the cut scenes are playing. Not so much stuttering in game. Is it normal or am I missing something? I read many articles that people play games with external drive with no...
  40. osmaanatlii

    Which laptop is better?

    Hello, i need gaming laptop, i like two computers in amazon prime day discounts, one is acer nitro and the other is lenovo idepad gaming, lenovo is 60 dollars more expensive which one should I choose? ACER Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop LENOVO Ideapad Gaming Laptop