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  1. universalrule

    Question Stuttering with external SSD ?

    I recently transferred every game to my external SSD for my gaming laptop. What I noticed that it has stuttering issue while the cut scenes are playing. Not so much stuttering in game. Is it normal or am I missing something? I read many articles that people play games with external drive with no...
  2. osmaanatlii

    Which laptop is better?

    Hello, i need gaming laptop, i like two computers in amazon prime day discounts, one is acer nitro and the other is lenovo idepad gaming, lenovo is 60 dollars more expensive which one should I choose? ACER Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop LENOVO Ideapad Gaming Laptop
  3. R

    Question Tips to troubleshoot overheating with a black screen?

    My laptop, when locked, plugged in, and with/without load, will sometimes begin to overheat with fans going insane as well as a dark, unresponsive screen. This hasn't seemed to happen to me while I'm actually using the laptop, when it's plugged into a thunderbolt 3 dock. To attempt to...
  4. O

    Question Laptop suggestion (HP Victus, HP Omen, and Dell G15)

    Hello, I am currently buying a laptop that I will be using 12+ hours per day mainly for work (programming, running VMs, many browser tabs, and IDEs simultaneously) sometimes for gaming (basic games like valorant or rocket league since I do most gaming on PS5) and everyday usage, so I need...
  5. rhyz4

    Question CPU overheating after restart, stays high even when idle

    Hi, I am using a HP Pavilion Gaming laptop with: 16GB RAM, Intel Core i7-10750H 2.60GHz and a nVidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q graphics card. I have this issue where my CPU is staying at high temperatures at all times and my fans are non-stop working, this happened after I restarted my laptop...
  6. dapompouswiz

    Question Acer Nitro 5 (2022) - i7-12650H and 3070ti low CPU Usage, Overheating, and Throttling(?)

    My AN-515-58-79X9 has absurdly high CPU temps (95-100 degrees Celsius) and usage (85% +) while my GPU has relatively low (80 degrees and 40%) temp and usage. This is with the fans spinning at max and the performance preset on while forcing the GPU through MUX. I was playing Far Cry 5 with max...
  7. Z

    Question Strange problem with second M.2 SSD in Omen Laptop

    This is a weird issue I've been having with my 2023 Omen 16 gaming laptop that I had opened to install a second NVME drive, which I used successfully for a period of at least 5-6 months. After which, however, I had to momentarily remove the battery (for applying the cable fix to the well-known...
  8. S

    Question Laptop RAM slot seems to be only taking lower memory stick

    I've got an Asus ROG GL753VE, for context. I bought two DDR4-2400 (same as the stock 8 GB stick originally packaged with) 16 GB Crucial sticks - CT16G4SFD824A. However, I can't get them to work together. The laptop has started up with both of the slots alone in the top slot of RAM, and...
  9. O

    Question Fan Control from registry editor

    Is There a way to change laptop fan speed/table through registry editor ? I've tried everything and nothing works I've tried speedfan,msi, bios control, changing system cooling policy to active, and nothing worked. So my last resort if there is a control registry that could tweak that. Windows...
  10. LASERR00

    Question Lenovo G50 WIFI disconnecting and disappearing?

    Hi , I'm very confused about this problem. I took friends Lenovo laptop G50-80 for a check over and to re-install windows 10. After fresh install of windows i was using WIFI on my home network 2.4ghz and while using internet it just cut off and i cant find it again in WIFI list of networks...
  11. swarupsengupta2007

    Question Using G-Sync with Acer Nitro 5 An515-58 3070Ti and Acer Predator x34 Pbmiphzx?

    I have recently bought an Acer Nitro 5 AN515-58. I already have an Acer Predator x34 pbmiphzx. I have a usb-c port (full-function thunderbolt 4 and display port) and a HDMI 2.1 port. I have 2 question 1) If I buy a USB-C to DP cable like this one CableCreation 8K USB C to DisplayPort Cable ...
  12. Eijar

    Upgrade? - Acer Predator Helios 300 (PH317-55)

    Well I've done some minor research I found this site where you can see the specs of this laptop, and its internal. Im somewhat dumb when it comes to this side, so my question is here As you see in that website it says: " HDD/SSD up to 2000GB SSD + up to 1000GB HDD " 1. What does it means...
  13. Ry0ku


    i was playing a game and suddenly it shuts down with no warning it all just went black i tried plugging it in a charger but no led light saying that it was charging. what seems to be the problem? My laptop is an asus vivobook
  14. N

    Desktop right click doesn't work randomly for a few seconds. But right click works on the taskbar or anywhere apart from the desktop. Any idea why?

    Hi, I am facing a strange problem on Windows 11 on my new Asus Vivobook laptop. The right-click of mouse does not work randomly for a few seconds only on the desktop. But the right-click works everywhere else, for example- inside a game, on the taskbar or tray area. I have done a fresh Windows...
  15. Salfyss

    Question Gaming laptop underperforming

    I've gotten a Samsung Expert X23 laptop a few years back and it was running everything perfectly. Since then I stopped using it for some time and now that I've turned it on again, it seems to be underperforming and slow for some reason. It's specs are: I5 7500U GTX 920MX 8gb RAM Not the best...
  16. mystery_king

    Question Laptop Screen broken, hdmi not working saying no signal

    Hey recently my laptop screen broke so I tried using hdmi to see the screen but it says no signal when I plug it into my monitor and doesn't work on TV either, I've heard some keybinds can be used to enable it but none have worked, any help with this is appreciated
  17. kazibaka12

    Question Laptop overheating issue

    Hello everyone, I bought an Asus TUF Dash F15 around a two years ago. I've played tons of AAA games on it, but I've never faced any issues. I always monitored my temps and they hovered between 75-83 C when gaming. About a month or two ago, I noticed an increased max temperature of 85-90 C in...
  18. Zakii

    Desktop becomes unresponsive and I get weird news pop ups

    Hello, Whenever I leave my laptop idle for like 10-15 minutes and come back , I find that the whole desktop is unresponsive and I get some random news pop-ups on screen (just a small, grey rectangular with white font). This issue only lasts like 2-4 seconds, then it goes back to normal. The...
  19. C

    Question Need help identifying a part (Solved)

    Hello there! I have had a laptop handed to me by family to repair. The SSD's were shot so I replaced them no problem. I put it back together and was preparing to reinstall windows when there was a strange vibrating noise coming from next to the battery. I opened it up and saw the part that...
  20. Sharpin

    Question ASUS ROG GX800VH Black Screen, Fan Spinning and Numlock light on

    My Asus ROG GX800vh laptop, which I have been using for over a year Last night I used all fine and shutdown as usual, came from office today and started it up; laptop turns on, fans spinning but no display, not posting and numlock light is on. Things I've tried: Opened laptop and 2 out of...
  21. canadianvice

    Question [Buying Help - Canada] Laptop for CK3 + General Use, <=$700CAD, <<$1000CAD

    First, my apologies if I have somehow hit upon the wrong forum, it has been a while since I've been on here and the rework has changed a few things. I hope this finds you well, even if you should only take a glance. Anyhow, without further adieu: Lamentably I've dropped out of the hardware...
  22. M

    Question Flickering display after dropping laptop

    Hi Guys, yesterday I dropped my laptop off a table. It was a pretty hard smack. Nothing physical from the outside of the laptop is broken (I also didn't see anything broken inside the laptop like a broken wire or something, but I'm not an expert.) Since then my display is flickering. Also I can...
  23. V

    Question Can I add a 8gbx1 DDR4 2400MHz cl17 to my laptop which already has one 16GBx1 DDR4 3200MHz?

    Hello, I recently bought a new laptop and it has 16GBx1 DDR4 3200MHz RAM and in my old laptop there is a 8GBx1 DDR4 2400MHz CL17 RAM. So i wanted to ask if I can upgrade my new laptop ram to 24gb by adding my 8GBx1 DDR4 2400MHz CL17 RAM with 16GBx1 DDR4 3200MHz RAM or should I go with the same...
  24. JeanDonver2056

    Question Laptop lid is bent on one side, is this a hinges issue?

    Hello all, my laptop lid is slightly bent on one side. It won't close 100% all the way to the left however the other side is 100% fine. Could this cause issues in the future? Pictures are in the link since it won't let me post it. View: View:
  25. I

    Question Insane power throttling on battery

    Hi everyone. While my laptop is connected to the AC adapter, my dGPU is limited to 50 watts and my CPU goes up to 80 watts momentarily and 45-50 watts under sustained load; And both of these are normal according to specs. Going forward, when it's not connected to the AC, the dGPU is imited...
  26. HyperVenom

    Question Acer ES1-524 Fails to Install Windows 10 22H2

    Any solutions on how to install 22h2? This issue is very frustrating. I am having trouble updating to 22h2. I am currently stuck on 1909. Whenever I try to update to 22h2, it's still stuck on 1909. Yes, I have tried updating via Update Assistant; unfortunately, it did not work. I also tried...
  27. K

    Question laptop 3070ti or 4070?! Need opinion please.

    Hello looking to buy gaming laptop, need opinions to pick one.
  28. L

    Question so i just bought and put a new corsair ram on my laptop, but on command prompt its shown as 029E

    So my MSi laptop has 2 ram slots, the first one is the original laptop ram (samsung brand) and the second one is empty so i put the corsair ram there. After its done i run command prompt to check wether it got installed properly or not wmic memorychip get devicelocator, manufacturer...
  29. musquitova

    Question Help with XMP and incompatible RAMs on a notebook ?

    Is there a way to undervolt or disable the XMP 2.0 of a RAM on a Notebook? I have a Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Its specifications are: i5 1135G7 Intel Iris Xe 80EU 12GB (1x8 3200Mhz + 1x4 2666MHz) (It came from the factory with only 8GB 3200MHz). I recently bought the Corsair Vengeance SODIMM 8GB...
  30. Tongi69

    Question VGA Cable DOES NOT FIT in ASUS VIVOBOOK Laptop with HDMI Cable connected. What can I do to overcome this? Is cutting the VGA Cable connector safe?

    VGA Cable DOES NOT FIT in ASUS VIVOBOOK Laptop with HDMI Cable connected - as in there's not enough space to fit both of them. What can I do to overcome this? I saw a video where the Youtuber cut the connector to make it fit ( View: ). Is cutting the...
  31. M

    Question Whenever I turn on my fan, my Keyboard lights flicker

    I have a Razer keyboard plugged into my gaming laptop (model 15ACH6-976), and I noticed that whenever I turned on my floor fan my Keyboard lights flicker for roughly less than a second. The weird thing is that when I previously had all my devices (laptop and fan included) plugged into the same...
  32. V

    Question Laptop's display switch off and switch on every X seconds

    Hi, I have a HP OMEN 16-k0011ns gaming laptop with Windows 11. When I use it with an external monitor connected by HDMI I have no problems. In this case, the only screen is the external monitor: laptop's display is switch off always. Here, I have no problems. But, when I use laptop's screen...
  33. D

    Question Laptop Key only working if pressed in exact middle

    Hiya, I have an MSI GS65 9SF Stealth Laptop. The E key is only working when pressed in the middle of the key. Recorded a short video to explain: I've tried swapping the key, the plastic part under the key & the little rubber bit with another key that works fine...
  34. just.a.pillo

    Question Need help buying laptop! (ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 GA402RJ-L4007W)

    Hello and thank you for taking your time to see my question! Im going to uni to study cs and Im thinking about this fella...
  35. ritiksharma454

    Question The GPU wattage on my laptop is not getting higher than 30 watts ?

    I purchased a new Dell G15 5520 laptop with i5-12500H and RTX 3050 (95 watts)) 2 weeks ago but I'm facing a problem here. When I'm playing any game the GPU wattage is normal but after 10 minutes the wattage is capped to 30 watts and its not increasing. This leads to performance issues and...
  36. C

    Question CPU thermal behaviour can change depending on BIOS/Firmware?

    Good afternoon guys, I'm Marco, I'm new and I come from Italy. I'm here to hope to have a clue about my new cpus laptop behavior. Recently I bought an Alienware M17 R4 10870H/3080 laptop. I bought it used, but seems to be ok. The fact is that when I try to reset the pc I notice huge heat and a...
  37. D

    Question What's causing those small framerate dips to be so noticeable?

    So I know dips from 60 fps to 59, 58 and even 57 are normal and they shouldn't bother me. And they don't. What bothers me is that those dips you can see on the graphs in fps and frametime, while they don't look like much on video, they are extremely distracting and annoying during live gameplay...
  38. B

    Question Weird laptop battery behavior, went from 90 to 0 to 50

    Hello everyone, My issue is a bit weird and spooky behaviour of my laptop's battery (Dell latitude 5500 running on Windows 10). First of all, the battery life so good that it lasts for roughly 8-10 hours of work and has battery health of 71.5% and shows "Excellent" in the bios. But, two events...
  39. B

    Question Wifi on laptop mysteriously broken

    Hey guys, my laptop, Lenovo Ideapad 5 14ALC05 (Win10 21H2) for some reason cannot connect to the internet. Upon connecting, it just shows no wifi. I have reinstalled Windows multiple times and tried all kinds of drivers. Even USB tethering to my phone won't work with the original network...
  40. H

    Question What is the cause of this transparent line on my laptop display?

    I have a Asus Zenbook ProDuo and a transparent line appeared on the screen. I usually keep it connected to another display. The second display does not present the line. I am not 100% sure, but I think the line appeared when I disconnected the HDMI cable. Here is a video: View...