Question Is it possible to create a mesh system with 2 Dlink DIR-2660 Mesh enabled routers?


Jan 26, 2019
I recently bought 2 Dlink DIR-2660 routers and they support Smart mesh technology.

I contacted Dlink and turns out that these routers do support mesh systems but only with their extenders, as in it is not possible to make a mesh system between two routers. I do not believe this to be true so is it possible to have a wired mesh system with these two routers? Is there a workaround or something that can be done to make them a mesh? Right now im using it as an access point so i have two routers with two different SSID but i want to create a mesh system and have only one SSID
Mesh is just a marketing term what you are attempting to do is how large business have done it since the beginning of wifi. Mesh is purely something to get home users to spend money,they don't believe "new and improved" anymore.

The network is all a single network no matter what SSID you put on it when you run in a AP mode. Some people like using different SSID because then you know where your devices are connected.
Why did you not just set the SSID the same on both devices.