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  1. spiderbatman

    Question First Time Mesh Setup D-Link Router

    Hello Folks, I have a D-Link DIR-2640 AC 2600 MU-MIMO router working excellently for me as a repeater. The problem is a generic issue with the repeater where it creates a new network and therefore, I wanted to switch to mesh setup so that my network remains same throughout the house. I checked...
  2. B

    Question Linksys Velop MX4000 with eero

    Hi all, newbie here (in UK). I’m having fibre installed to the house tomorrow which comes with a linksys velop mx4000. I already have an eero mesh running well which covers my garden and garage well. Can I use the eero with the velop or do I need to resort to a second velop to extend the...
  3. J

    Question Planning to set up a mesh network with FIOS , Iooking for advice on a few concerns

    Bought my in-law's house last year and inherited their FIOS setup. I'm having trouble getting a good signal throughout the house due to its size (roughly 2700 sq ft). I pay for 1GB speed which is great on the hardwired devices and those close to the router, but in other parts of the house not so...
  4. G

    Question Internet goes out randomly every few minutes for 5-10 seconds

    Hey, I use a Fritz! home mesh system, and as my router I have the FRITZ!Box 7530 AX, and my repeater that I have plugged in my room is a FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E. The title is pretty self explanatory: for the past few days, the internet on my PC goes out for 5 or 10 seconds every 10 to 20...
  5. Sneaky666

    Question How to set up wifi pods at home with an existing router?

    I have a bell home hub 2000, and I want to connect wifi pods to it. I wanted to know what is the best way to set it up. The pods I'm looking at now is this one Some questions I have is? Is tri band better than dual band if only phones and...
  6. J

    Question Is it possible to create a mesh system with 2 Dlink DIR-2660 Mesh enabled routers?

    I recently bought 2 Dlink DIR-2660 routers and they support Smart mesh technology. I contacted Dlink and turns out that these routers do support mesh systems but only with their extenders, as in it is not possible to make a mesh system between two routers. I do not believe this to be true so...
  7. tsomek

    Question Mesh between Linksys WHW03CFv2 and TP-Link Ax5400 (AX73) routers possible?

    Hi I have a TP-Link Ax5400 (Ax73) and my new provider has just given me a new Linksys WHW03CFv2. They are both quite new and capable routers and I was hoping to use the Linksys as my main, and the TP-Link as a mesh to expand the reach. (Or the other way around) Is this possible, or is there...
  8. M

    Question Mesh routers, multiple switches, PS4 lag

    Greetings everyone. I am getting lag on my PS4, every 1-3 seconds my commands will throttle a bit, or go on for a up to a second after I’ve let the button go. I’ve got a wired home setup, wires leave the ISP router and go into a network of 3 D-Link COVR-1100 mesh routers. These are wired too...
  9. tigerfoot

    Question Refresh tired Wi-Fi?

    I’ve got a Netgear Nighthawk R8000 for my home (about 2400sf), with Spectrum which tests a bit over 300mbs download. It’s ok—we mainly zoom, YouTube, and video stream. 4 human users. I’ve got 3 networks defined: 1 2 GHz for guests/lo-fidelity devices like Nest, and 2 5Ghz for streaming...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Compatability between WAVLINK AC1200 and Google Wifi - AC1200

    Main Question: My customer has 5 Google Wifi - AC1200 throughout their house and shop. We want to extend the WiFi signal using the WAVLINK-WiFi Extender. The Extender says "Mesh", so I'm hoping I can use the same Mesh name providing extended wifi without having to switch anything on any devices...
  11. GoldenCrepe

    [SOLVED] Port Forwarding Not Working On Google WiFi

    I've been attempting to set up a Minecraft server for me and my friends on an old laptop, and everything went great until the dreaded port forwarding. I think I've narrowed it down to be Google WiFi's fault. Here's what the situation is: The firewall is allowing JAVA and the port forwarding...
  12. P

    [SOLVED] Mesh WIFI and LAN cannot communicate

    Hi! I bought a Taotronic mesh router. I disabled the wifi on my ISP router and connected the mesh router to the ISP router. I then put my ISP router into bridge mode, mainly so my wireless Xbox will not be behind a double nat. Everything works great, except for one thing. The devices on the...
  13. T

    [SOLVED] Single mesh wifi6 router vs traditional router

    Hey guys, I've seen a single mesh wifi 6 router being sold at Costco and other stores, I know that they also usually come in with a few satellites(nodes) to improve coverage in larger homes. However, I am just wondering, what is the benefit of a single mesh wifi 6 router over my current...
  14. larathompson288

    [SOLVED] Please help! Wifi support - how can I extend wifi throughout my house - mesh network or extender? Which brand?!

    Hi there. I was wondering if I could have some support regarding wifi. I currently have a Virgin Media box but it only works in one room and due to the design of our house and the thick walls, Virgin said it cannot reach all the rooms. It is the TV room which is on the side of our house on the...
  15. TheProcrastinator27

    [SOLVED] Mesh Wi-Fi Router + Modem/Router

    Hi, I have a Netgear Nighthawk Mesh Wifi system set up. The new router (MR60) is connected to the old Modem/router via ethernet (I have turned off all wireless function of this old router/modem). I intend to run ethernet cables for other devices in my house, should I connect them up to the old...
  16. T

    [SOLVED] TP-Link deco mesh m4 - does it violate my privacy?

    I was told that this product will solve my problem with not enough WiFi coverage throughout the house. But now when I read some reviews on Amazon people noted how the terms of user agreement say that tp-link will have access to your personal information and that it shares your information in a...
  17. neverknowu

    [SOLVED] Recommendations on a Wireless Router for thick walls

    I'm currently using an Amplifi wireless router with 2 mesh points. From 10 feet away, with two walls between (doorways), my connection drops from 460 download to 30 download. This is with the mesh points. Looking for any suggestions/recommendations on a whole house system that can go through...
  18. I

    [SOLVED] ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 - mesh configuration

    Hello, I have just ordered the ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 duo pack to replace my Xclaim Xi-3 terminals. The ASUS will not be used as a router but will be connected to my current router (Gigabox). Currently, the two Xclaim terminals that are in the same network are both connected to the router by a...
  19. R

    [SOLVED] Help Needed - advice on best Wireless router to buy

    Hi gang! I'm new here as I was looking for some help and advice from you clever lot! :) I'm in a relatively small home (3 bedrooms on 2 floors, very old TITANIUM red brick) so very hard to penetrate wirelessly. It's terraced so it really isnt a big home at all. We're on Virginmedia 100mbs, Hub...
  20. J

    [SOLVED] Mesh or Wireless Router/Extender for reaches of home!

    I am trying to determine the best way to extend the reach of my wifi! Got a 5000sq ft home with a wireless router located centrally - now putting some wifi connected cameras on the outside of the home. Unfortunately, while my wifi reaches well inside, it's can't quite reach some of my further...
  21. F

    [SOLVED] How to get the most out of mesh signals ?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone has some tips for me. I have 75kvm apartment with 1 router and 3 mesh. Where would you put the 3 mesh to get the best internet signals in the whole apartment? The apartment is rectangular and the router needs to stay at one end. Also, do you recomend to have 3 mesh...
  22. S

    [SOLVED] DHCP issue with Netgear smart roaming mesh WiFi

    Hi there! I'm hoping you folks can help me out with a connection issue I've been having since installing a new WiFi extender a couple of weeks ago. I have a new Netgear extender (EX7700/AC2200 - this one) creating a meshed network with my existing Vodaphone router. The new setup is causing...
  23. DaPro_Skillz

    [SOLVED] Can I use two mesh wifi systems at once?

    I used to have Google Home’s Wifi mesh system but I recently switched to Orbi. Orbi mesh points don‘t have ethernet ports and I was wondering if I could use Orbi and Google Home mesh systems at once. (I have Verizon FIOS 300mbps wifi, if you’re wondering)
  24. bregtvandenbergh

    Question Unable to connect tp-link EAP225-Outdoor wirelessly to TP-Link EAP225V3

    Dear, I just bought the following: TP-Link EAP225-Outdoor TP-Link EAP225V3 TP-Link switch My setup is as follows: ISP Router connected by cable to TP-Link switch TP-Link switch connected by cable with TP-Link EAP225V3 I am trying to connect the EAP225-Outdoor to connect using mesh with...
  25. Y

    Question Mesh Wifi Google Wifi Vs Linksys Velop

    Hello Helpful People of Tom's Hardware, I am looking at two mesh wifi systems and wanted other people's opinions about them. Google Wifi vs Linksys Velop Ac4600. I know the Google wifi is only a 3 node dual-band wireless ac system. The Google Wifi is only SU-Mimo and wave 2 ac wifi standard...
  26. K

    [SOLVED] Mesh networking (out of the box) questions

    Hi all- a few years ago, after having way too many problems trying to extend my wifi, I ended up buying 2 Ubiquiti APs, and have been generally happy (except for issues related to playing media over chromecast, but that's a different issue for a different day). I still had to put one repeater...
  27. K

    [SOLVED] Getting 1000 mbps around the house

    I recently upgraded to 1 Gbps and since I am still getting 300 around most of the house I'm pretty sure I need new hardware. I had been using the google mesh system and after the upgrade, I still get 300 Mbps directly connected to it on my PC. My router and modem are both across the house and I...
  28. L

    Question Good Case For Air-Cooling

    Hello all, I am looking to upgrade my PC case as I've been disappointed by the build quality of the one I have now. It is a Corsair 780T and although it gives great cooling performance the build quality seems rather bad. The plastic from which the case is made out of seems flimsy and there are...
  29. S

    [SOLVED] Best option for wifi coverage in house

    My modem & router are currently in the basement of a two story house. The router feeds ethernet ports on the 1st and 2nd floors. Given this setup, what is the best option to get wifi coverage throughout the house? I would like to leverage the ethernet ports for wifi coverage which should give...
  30. A

    Question Problem Configuring Mesh Network For Steam Streaming?

    I recently purchased a Netgear Nighthawk x4s mesh extender so I could extend my wifi upstairs to my desktop and stream my steam games downstairs (thanks to the extender's configuration setting for one wifi name). Initially it worked perfectly, and I was able to stream downstairs exactly as i...
  31. V

    GPU Benchmark Results Readout? Please help

    Hi so i'm looking to buy an used GTX 1070 from a guy in my local online marketplace, I asked for some GPU benchmark tests and he showed me these 2 pictures: Pretty new to the PC scene, so i'm afraid in dont know how to...
  32. S

    m key not working no matter what keyboard i plug in

    I've have 2 keyboards plugged into my PC and both of the m keys on them aren't working. i have unplugged both of them, switched them around to different usbs. I've even swapped the keyboard switches to no success, never seen this issue before. could it be bad connections? any help. cheers
  33. N

    Question about win10

    My HDD died and I have an issue I just thought of. I originally had win 7 but when they rolled out the free updates I upgraded to win10. I still have my key for my copy of Windows. What do I need to do to get win10 back.
  34. M

    will this ram work with b450 bazooka

    I want to get this kit of trident z ram but it has z370 in the title and is not on the qvl will it still work
  35. U

    i5-6500 temps spike on idle

    Hello there! I am using HWMonitor to check that, my i5-6500 (rest of components are: B150M Night Elf Mobo by MSI Corsair CX450M 450W MSI Gaming X 1060 6GB stock cooler Zalman Z3 Plus My i5-6500 temperatures spikes from 29-30 celsius degrees to 37-40 degrees, usually it is from 29-30 to max...
  36. T

    Is my GPU dead?

    Hello everyone, So about 3-4 days ago I was playing some games with some friends when my pc restarted out of nowhere I waited for it to boot and when it got to the desktop it shut down and restarted. I took the GPU out and that fixed it, however, I just want to know if it could be the...
  37. A

    new pc builder, build advice.

    I am really new when it comes to building pc's. I have read a couple of articles and watched the same amount of videos to feel confident enough to attempt my own build. I am aiming for a mid range build under $1,200 us dollars. I hope for the build to be good for at least 2 years before i need...
  38. L

    USB device over current status detected!!

    So, I woke up this morning and turned on my computer and I saw "USB device over current status detected will shut down in 15 seconds". I started googling the issue on my phone and I came across a thread asking me to unplug the front USB port and then try to start the PC. So I did that but the...
  39. G

    TCL Roku 43-inch 43S403 Review: 4K and HDR on the Cheap

    The TCL Roku 43S403 delivers 4K, HDR and Roku's Smart TV interface for a very good price, but not a lot of frills. TCL Roku 43-inch 43S403 Review: 4K and HDR on the Cheap : Read more
  40. B

    Bluetooth connections between 2 different brand names

    How do I connect a Polk audio FR1 sound bar to a Vizio vsb210ws subwoofer