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  1. C

    Toshiba portable 1TB HDD sticky cover surface

    This drive has a dimpled top surface that has somehow become extremely sticky, uniformly across the top and upper half of all sides to where it joins the smooth bottom half of the case. It's kind of like what I would expect with heavy shipping tape heated/melted, then removed. I can press it...
  2. Enderstream

    Computer won't post

    Hi. My friend recent got a new chassis and asked me to switch his components from his old case to his new case. Among building everything went smoothly, but first time turning the computer on we got no signal. So I tried with on board graphics and no signal. Tried with an old gpu and no signal...
  3. Z

    Windows didn't start correctly

    So I have recently been tampering with my gaming PC. I opened it up and looked around. Unplugged a few wires and re plugged them the I took a RAM stick out then put it back in. I logged on and everything was fine. The next day, when I booted the PC up, it sais Windows has not loaded correctly...
  4. H

    How much can I get for this PC?

    I'm looking to upgrade my current computer to the pascal and skylake architectures. The easiest way to do this for me is to sell my current computer. So I want to know how much I could get for it. (Craigslist, Ebay, anywhere else) Specs: Plus Corsair Gold certified 750...
  5. A

    AMD Quad 860k 65c Idle!!!???

    I have something very wrong with my computer somewhere. First off, i have an amd apu (i use a dedicated gpu) and in the BIOS on idle the cpu averages 58c - 67c. But i know this is bs because i have a hyper evo. I cleaned the cpu and heatsink, reapplied thermal compound (arctic silver 5) mounted...
  6. S

    Which Setup Is The Better?

    I am going to buy new PC and I need to know which of the 2 setups I have made is the better one. Not a whole lot of difference in performance. NOTE: I already have a 2TB SSHD laying around which is why I didn't add any in the two builds. Build 1: Build 2...
  7. C

    Acer Predator X34 Vs Asus PG279Q

    With nvidia releasing the new gtx1080 i feel its time to update my build. But i can't decide on which monitor i should get, I plan to use it strictly for gaming. Price and PC performance should not be taken into consideration, I have spent a considerable amount of time in researching and have...
  8. B

    Microphone for gaming and streaming under £25

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a microphone for gaming and streaming under £25. Can you suggest some? I was thinking to buy Neewer® NW-800 or Excelvan BM-700
  9. R

    Microsoft Remote Desktop

    I want to set up Microsoft Remote Desktop but the System Properties isn't showing me what people did in the tutorials its only showing me the top part. How do I fix this?
  10. T

    Samsung Galaxy SM-T337A (Samsung Galaxy Tab 4) failed root resulting in device being bricked. Any help?

    A family member of mine bricked his Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 bricked his Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 trying to Root it, and now whenever it is powered on it gives the message " System Software not authorized by At&t has been found on your tablet. Please turn off your tablet and go to the nearest At&t store...
  11. N.Broekhuijsen

    Vulkan 1.0 Graphics API Brings Cross-Platform Performance Boost; Intel, AMD, Nvidia Contribute

    After 18 months of hard work, the Khronos group is finally launching Vulkan 1.0, its answer to the demand for a low-overhead open-source graphics API. Vulkan 1.0 Graphics API Brings Cross-Platform Performance Boost; Intel, AMD, Nvidia Contribute : Read more
  12. G

    My brand new PC is hard crashing and I don't know why, help!

    Hi, My new PC is crashing when I play games and I cannot figure out why. Hopefully you guys can help me out. A few months ago I built a new computer. Inside is: A 850 watt gold thermalake power supply Skylake i5 6600k Asus Z170-A mobo GSkill Ripjaw 16 GB DDR 4 Ram Asus 970 Strix Various hard...
  13. M

    Need help choosing graphics

    Hey, i am from India and I need help choosing my graphics card.. My current build includes a Intel DH55TC Motherboard with Intel i3 530@ 2.93Ghz I have 2x2gb of transcend 1333mhz ram The pc is five years old and I want to extend it's life for at least another 5 years.. So I decided to upgrade...
  14. J

    Weird Newegg redirecting system

    When I click on a link to newegg it goes to a website: I am trying to get to this website...
  15. T

    Power Supply and GPU compatibility

    I currently have a HP P7-1155 and I plan to get a GeForce GTX 760 and a power supply, I have a question on what power supply I should get.
  16. B

    Gtx 970 No Signal

    hi I recently bought a windforce gtx 970 as upgrade to my gtx 760 and when I first installed the new card it stated no signal, but I plugged hdmi into my motherboard and made sure all the old drivers were deleted and my motherboard drivers were all up to date disabled display driver drivers and...
  17. R

    I've installed new DDR3 RAM On my motherboard but my pc does not boot.

    Hi, I have an ECS G41T-M13 (V1) Motherboard with 2GB KINGSTON DDR3 RAM 1333MHz....I installed 2X4GB DDR3 KINGSTON RAM 1333 MHz but my pc does not boot. The CPU is running with the Green And Red light blinking but there is no display and keyboard num lock is off. So how to fix this ? Withe the 2...
  18. StormFade

    I have a question on upgrading my GPU

    So currently my specs are: Gigabyte Z87-HD3 Motherboard EVGA Dual Classified GTX 770 4gb Intel i7 4770k @ 4ghz OC 8 gb of ram EVGA 750w G2 Powersupply NZXT H440 Case Samsung 840 evo 256gb WD 2TB Green HDD I was wondering if I should upgrade my GPU now to a 970/980 TI or wait until the next...
  19. C

    Good gaming/streaming $800 build?

    I need a build for the budget of $800 that I could stream & game on. I would like this build to revolve around the i5 4690k :) thanks!
  20. Z

    GPU Causing Blue Screen! need help!

    ok so this computer is about a week old i just built it. the first few days everything was fine, now the last 2 days when im playing a game (H1Z1 or CG:GO) my game randomly crashes and it says "AMD Catalyst has stopped working" after that when i try to re-launch the game the computer crashes...