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  1. R

    Buy a second 290 or sell and buy 2 970s

    So after reading some reviews on how well the 970 is doing at 1440p I wanted to know if it's worth me selling my current 290 Vapor-X and buying a 970 and saving for a second 970? I will be spending $320 on the GPU and another $170 on a new PSU if I go the 290 xfire route which would put me at...
  2. N

    how to change front case fans in rosewill blackhawk?

    watch these two videos: i revomed the front panel but the cage is blocking me from removing the fans. i tried everything to remove this bay cage. i read the manual i inspected the case from left to right to front to back and i can't figure...
  3. C

    Very weird and high pitch sound coming from PC

    I can't tell the exact spot from where the sound is coming but it appears whenever I use my CPU very much ( mostly games, like Battlefield 3 , DotA 2 (+ streaming) CS:GO. My computer is brand new, except the HDD ( i bought a SSD and using the old HDD for more storage) and the graphics card (...
  4. P

    Question on Gigabit ethernet

    Hi I'm looking to upgrading to gigabit Ethernet and I'm curious on how to do it. I'm also curious as to if your wireless plan has to allow it for you be able to make the upgrade? And if they do let you, why don't ISPs make you pay for that capability. Links to good routers and Ethernet cables...
  5. S

    Problem with wireless adapter or access point.

    So my roommate cannot connect to the wifi at our apartment complex and when he tries it says the error "problem with wireless adapter or access point". Myself and our other roommates can cannot and his other devices connect fine. Also his laptop connects to other networks just fine. He does not...
  6. D

    Confusion over graphics card quality and which laptop to buy

    Hi everyone :) I am looking to buy a laptop for gaming but I am very confused. I figured the best way for me to explain things clearly is through bullet points, so here goes: - it needs to be a laptop and not a desktop as I am nearly always bed bound - I have a budget of £1,000 (although if I...
  7. J

    YAMAKASI 301 SPARTA 30" S-IPS 2560x1600 DVI-D PC Monitor Perfect Pixel

    I found pretty nice deal on eBay what do you think YAMAKASI 301 SPARTA 30" S-IPS 2560x1600 DVI-D PC Monitor Perfect Pixel $389.00
  8. N

    Unidentified network, no network access

    Okay, so I recently just moved to my grandmas and she uses a different modem and I brought my desktop over to use. The info for the desktop is here OS Name: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Version: 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 build 7601 Manufacturer: Microsoft System Model P7-1019 System type x64...
  9. S

    Lag on bf 4

    I have a great computer i run bf4 on ultra settings and get 67 fps but then I lag. The lag is horrible and it's not my internet. It makes the game in playable. My ping is around 38 and I even lowered the setting to low. I then got 178 fps with 37 ping and the lag was STILL in playable. I don't...
  10. J

    Sony Vaio Laptop

    I have a VGN-FS515B - when I switched it on a black screen comes up saying windows did not open properly. I have tried all the options offered to open it but nothing is working?
  11. S

    Geforce experience 2.0.1 not working

    every time I try to update doesnt work. starts updating but at the end it says installion failed. How to fix this? is this a windows problem? coz my usb drivers stopped working properly and my friends told me it was a windows problem and to re install windows but everything else is fine...
  12. TheMagicalWallaby

    Is the fan on the Kraken G10 enough to cool my GTX 770 VRM

    I am going to be cooling my 770 with an all in one liquid cooler using the g10. A fan is the only thing cooling the VRM. I am curious if just a fan would suffice for the 770 and if it would work for an overclock as well.
  13. icraft

    MSI Z87-G41 doesn't have voltage control?

    I've been using a MSI Z87-G41 (PC mate) in junction with my 4670k. I've been forced to use the Intel Tuning Utility because the mobo only overclocks with OC genie, not manually. Is this normal? If it is I am rather disappointed. This looks like a nice chip.
  14. B

    Weird smell coming from computer, is it my GPU or my PSU?

    I was recently playing a game, Diablo 3, and noticed that there was this weird smell coming from my computer. I didn't think much about it until my computer completely shut off. I immediately thought it was the video card, because I have had problems with it in the past. So I turned it back on...
  15. G

    780 vs 770

    Is the 780 really worth the extra 100 bucks from the 770?
  16. R

    Inquiri ng about a GTX780 SC

    I am curious as to how the EVGA GeForce GTX 780 is when it comes to temps under idle and load, i mainly play BF4.
  17. R

    Will GPU differences in otherwise identical cards prevent Crossfire from working?

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’m completely stumped after a lot of Crossfire problem-solving. Even though both cards had the exact same item number on Newegg (checked my receipts), they were purchased a year apart and to my surprise, one is built with a Pitcairn GPU and one with Tahiti. They’re...
  18. T

    my laptop has no dvd. it will not read movies on an external dvd drive.

    i have an acer laptop that has no internal dvd drive. i tried to watch a netflix movie and others with an external dvd drive. nothing happens. whan i look at the files on the dvd, the laptop finds no files to run the dvd. i tried the same dvd on my other laptop with an internal dvd drive and the...
  19. N

    Which CPU To Buy?

    hey guys i need your help. i am thinking of buying an AMD A8 5600K 3.6GHZ Quad-Core APU to go in my new PC. I will eventually be saving up for a new graphics card but may take a while. What settings would this APU play games on at 720p. I also have 8GB DDR3 Ram, And a GeForce 210(not planning on...
  20. A

    Amd HD 4200 and AMD MANTLE

    Does mantle work with the amd hd 4200 integrated graphics or is it only for dedicated graphics?