Question ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 - mesh configuration

Dec 12, 2020

I have just ordered the ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 duo pack to replace my Xclaim Xi-3 terminals. The ASUS will not be used as a router but will be connected to my current router (Gigabox).

Currently, the two Xclaim terminals that are in the same network are both connected to the router by a cable.

Is it also possible to connect the two ASUS terminals by cable to the router while keeping them in the same network? If so, is this a guarantee for a better network quality than connecting only one Asus by cable?

I hope that my question is understandable and I thank you in advance for your help.

Your problem is the marketing guys have confused you with their "mesh" talk.

What you are doing is connecting you router to remote AP units on the end of the ethernet cable. Pretty much as long the device you have has ethernet ports you can run it as a AP. Any inexpensive router can be used as a AP pretty much.

They will all be on the same network as long as you run them as AP and not routers. You can set the SSID and password the same if you like. I tend to run them different so I know which radio I connect to. Even with different SSID they are on the same network in your house.

I can't say in detail how you uses those asus boxes. They likely have a AP mode. You will lose any fancy feature like say parental control when you run a router as a AP. You likely could have done it cheaper by just buying very simple routers.

Be aware running mulitple wifi6 routers and espeically if you use the second 5g radio you are going to stomp on yourself. You need to adjust the radio power down ....if it has that option...on the devices so they do not interfere. A single wifi6 signal will attempt to use all the radio bandiwidth on the 5g frequency. So if you have 2 coming out of 2 or more devices you will have massive interference. Of course this does not include your neighbor doing the same thing.