Is it safe to overclock an i5 4670 non K?

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Nov 18, 2019
Hi all, Just to clarify things about series K and Non-K .

Every single Chip or CPU can be overclocked. Overall hardware and what is around can give some limitation .

A good motherboard will you to overclock,
A good PSU ; Power Suply ( Keep in mind when overclocking either a Cpu or a Gpu you will double the watts that is required when non-overclocked. All computer is different and have differents variations and tolerange when created.)
Some good Memory Stick ; Most setup required to overclock the memory and bus speed etc. You want memory with variable timing or gaming series as much you can.
Even non-gaming series are overclockable but with more limitations.

A overall good computer and you good to go.

Here is what i can do with a I5 4670 Non-K and a Xeon E5 2690

i5 : Base 3.5GHz Turbo 3.8GHz ---- Overclocked : Base 4028Ghz Turbo 4090GHz
Xeon E5 2690 Base 2.9GHz Turbo 3.8GHz ----Overclocked : 4067GHz

You can make something great with a fraction of what most of people think they need. My gaming page with picture of the overclock Overclock profile on HWbot
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