Question Is it worth changing my router from Asus RT-AX58U to Xiaomi AX9000 (or any others you recommend) ?


Jan 8, 2020
So I'm living at home with 2 floors. On each floor I have an Asus RT-AX58U router.

The area of each floor is approximately 120 sq.m.

Asus RT-AX58U and the coverage/speed are fine, but I'm thinking of switching.

I am considering the Xiaomi AX9000 or any other that you could recommend.

Is it worth it? Will be there wi-fi speed/range improvements?

Using 1 Gbit/s connection.

Why because it says "gamer" on the ax9000. The only thing that makes it different is it has a extra 5g radio and it supports 4x4 mimo rather than 2x2.

You likely can not use 4x4 very few end devices have more than 2 antenna. A extra radio is not likely to make any difference if you do not have problems today. The biggest issue is to get wifi6 to run at maximum speed it must use 160mhz radio channels.
There already is a major issue getting even 1 block since you have things like weather radar blocking it. Getting 2 would be close to impossible and this is ignoring all the interference from your neighbors using any routers on the 5g band.

The distance the signal goes is a function of radio output power. The government has a limit and almost every router is very close to this maximum limit so they all more or less go the same. If you mix the concept of speed and range then it gets very messy and router manufacture pick data points that make their device look better. Overall most routers perform about the same. The key limiting factor is your end device since it is half the connection. Most issues are the end device for example not transmitting at full power, this is very common for say a cell phone that is trying to save battery.

If you are going to spend money on a fancy router I would look to get wifi6e. These have gotten much cheaper lately and the nic cards for wifi6 and wifi6e are almost identical in costs.

Wifi6e uses the 6ghz radio band where there is much more bandwidth. There are multiple 160mhz bands with no weather radar or other interference. So you now likely least for a while...can get a 160mhz wide radio bands with no interference from neighbors.

It is hard to say if wifi6e has better or worse coverage. The problem is 6ghz will be blocked slightly more than 5ghz by most materials a house is made of. But there is a such a large difference between houses and wifi coverage this likely is impossible to predict.

For a while wifi6e will be faster than wifi6 mostly because of the lack of interfernce. They key problem now is the 2.4 and 5 radio bands are massively overused. You have people buying triband routers like the one you propose and that router will attempt to use every possible radio channel there is. You get a couple people doing that or adding "mesh" garbage and it doesn't take long for everyone to just smash each others signals.

Now faster does not always mean better. Things like games uses only maybe 1mbps and won't use more even if it is available. Netflix might use 30mbps. The only thing that higher speed helps is file downloads and I guess it depends on how much you are doing this and how much time it actually saves you. I means when I went from 350mbps to 1gbit internet it was faster but does it really make a difference if I save say 5 minutes every week or so.


Dec 6, 2020
wifi 6 does not seem to be better for range.
mesh isnt rubbish one advantage of google mesh is that you can pair the wifi point to the router then unplug it from power move it a long way away and turn it on it will work.

The only down side ive found is that if you do a factory reset on the router you need to repair the wifi point back at same location. and then move it again using this mehtod i have wifi sharing to my fathers house next door. and the speeds good.

please note im in a steel shed and my dad lives in a steel house. the distance between is about 20 meters.
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Sep 22, 2022
Hi, well I recommend you trying at least this router or this router .. I am using it so I can say the speed is 300 Mpbs as rated and I get near 300 Mpbs most of the times. You can also go for Huawei but this will be a costly option.
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Hi, well I recommend you trying at least this router or this router .. I am using it so I can say the speed is 300 Mpbs as rated and I get near 300 Mpbs most of the times. You can also go for Huawei but this will be a costly option.
So rather than report your post as a advertising post and have it deleted I will use this opportunity to show why you should NEVER buy a sailsky router. When they post to a thread asking about the newest wifi6 technology with a garbage router that only runs 802.11n show the people that work there are technically incompetent. When they don't know basic stuff like this it is highly likely this is more of the clone junk that is manufactured china in where the seller just paid to put their name on the box and knows nothing about router design.
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