Question Is it worth it to get a 4k monitor ?


Jun 19, 2010
Hi, I am contemplating getting a 32 inch 4k monitor and wanted to get some opinions. Mainly on if I should get one. I have a 32 inch HD tv that I have used as a monitor for the last 10 years or so conected via displayort to hdmi . Im guessing at how long Ive had it but its been a while. I just got a 4k tv for the home theater that I connect to my computer via hdmi. I duplicate the displays having the home theater tv set as main therefore I can set both at 4k . Im sure the 32 inch isnt really 4k. It cant be. I did try a 43 inch 4k tv as a monitor but the picture was horrible. After days of trying to fix it I couldnt get to look even halfway decent. So now Im looking at a 32 inch Benq. Its $320 or so . The tv I use as a monitor now works. Everything except text looks ok. I have ran Cleartype several times but its still a little fuzzy. I dont do a lot of gaming just flight sims. And youtube is the only video content I watch on the tv used as a monitor. Any opinions? Will it be worth it? It certainly wasnt for the 43 inch but it was a refurb so that could be the problem. Thanks!!
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One thing to keep in mind is that a TV is designed to be viewed at a distance, whereas a computer monitor much (typically) closer.

If your current display is meeting your needs, they don't change.