Is it worth upgrading??


Apr 10, 2012
I currently have a alienware m17x r3, is it worth parting with and upgrade to a ivy bridge laptop and SATA 3. Will i see a improvement or will i be disappointed.
My specs or as followed
-i7 2860qm sandy bridge
-16gb samsung 4x4 @ 1600mhz
-1 x 256gb ssd in raid 0
-1 x 256gb ssd in raid 0
samsung ssd 470 series SATA 2
gtx 460M 1.5 NOT A BIG GAMER but plays my game CS SOURCE PERFECt
-bluray and more options

should i upgrade????????????????????
Hello impalajuan;

Unless you can sell your current notebook for a very good price you'll probably be disappointed in buying a new IB equipped notebook. Especially if you're happy with the current notebook's gaming performance.

Hang on to your m17x r3 till the IB systems hit and you can see the prices and actual performance. That will give you a much clearer picture to decide if you want to try and sell your notebook.