Question Is my motherboard dead

Mar 3, 2021
So my pc randomly shut off and about 20 minutes after it turned back on for around 15-25 minutes until it shut off and hasn’t turned on since, I’ve bought a new power supply as I assumed my psu could have died and the pc could have shut off for safety reasons I guess, but it still does not turn back on, I’ve tried shorting the motherboard because the headers weren’t working either but the short didn’t work either is my motherboard dead? Please help thank you :D


Check carefully on the cooling system for your CPU. If it is a fan, check whether or not it is working. ALSO check its connection to your mobo CPU_FAN header. What you report MAY be because the CPU cooling is not working, OR there is a bad contact in the connector plugged into that header.

Alternatively, IF your cooling system is a liquid-cooled system (AIO) with a pump on the CPU and a separate radiator with fans, there are two items to check. In such systems, typically the pump is plugged into the CPU_FAN header, but it might be plugged into another. Then the rad fans MAY be plugged into a socket or cable from the pump unit, OR into mobo fan headers - it depends on which type you have. In such a system the PUMP may have failed so that there is no flow of heated fluid out though the rad. That can be hard to spot unless you know where to look. OR, the rad fans may have failed, so you get limited cooling from the fluid being circulated out, BUT there is no heat removal at the rad and the liquid loop just keeps getting hotter until it fails. That process could cause your story.

Tell us your mobo maker and exact model number. Then tell us what type of CPU cooler yo have - a fan on it, or a pump and radiator system. Whichever that is, tell us the maker and model number. Then we can get more detailed.