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Question Is my SSD corrupted after accidentally unplugging my PC while running?

Jul 2, 2020
Hi all,

I accidentally unplugged the power cord of my PC while it was running. When I plugged it back in and tried to start it, it entered a boot loop. Here are some basic facts about my system:
  • ASROCK z170 Pro4s motherboard
  • Seagate BarraCuda 2TB HDD
  • SK Hynix 250 GB SSD
  • I can get into my BIOS with no issues, but I can't get into Windows
  • Both my SSD and my HDD are detected in the BIOS
  • No red lights on my motherboard
  • My SSD was my main system disk (C: ), containing my OS (Windows 10) and some games
  • My HDD was used to store some files (H: )
I booted up from a Windows installation media USB and used command prompt to find the following things:
  • Using diskpart has shown that for some reason, my SSD is now drive D: (instead of drive C: ) and my HDD is drive C: (instead of drive H: )
  • chkdsk /r C: finished with no issues found (Initially I thought this meant my SSD was fine, but with the drives changing names this means the HDD seems fine)
  • list volume has shown that my SSD is now a RAW partition (previously NTFS)
  • chkdsk /r D: fails with "An unspecified error occurred"
  • sfc /scannow failed with "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation".
  • bootrec /fixMBR failed with "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error"
  • diskdrive get status gives me a "Pred Fail" status
I've looked everywhere and this all seems to point to my SSD being corrupted. Can someone confirm if this is the case?

In addition, I don't have a way to slave my SSD to another computer so I can't use things like Recuva. Is there a way that I can recover the SSD data from the source computer? I tried using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Bootable Media and booting from my dead PC, but the program isn't working. How can I fix this issue?

Thank you in advance to everyone who is able to help!


D: drive issue - the drive you boot from is assigned C: and you booted from installation media....

Checkdisk & SFC won't run because the partition is RAW and they can't read raw.

Do you have a large enough drive to recover the files to?
You do not recover files to the drive you are recovering from.

Keep in mind that recovering from an SSD is not easy. Many SSD encrypt the data internally as well as place the pieces of a file (sectors) in places internally that are not where it tells windows they are. it maintains internal tables to keep track of where everything is. If the data is important then please send the drive out for professional recovery.