Is there a way to find out the bios version a a ASUS motherboard with out booting it up?


That depends on what you mean by "booting it up". If you mean without letting the BIOS initialize, the answer is no.

BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System, i.e. you can't get any output to read on the screen before the BIOS is initialized and the BIOS doesn't store any information on the disk drive because it can't rely on the same disk drive being present the next time it initializes. So you can't put the disk drive in another machine to read any BIOS info from it.

If you mean letting it boot into Windows, then yes you can do that. There should be a hot key that allows you to stop the boot process between the time that the BIOS initializes and the time it starts to load the operating system. The hot key varies from machine to machine but it should be either displayed on the screen during the BIOS boot process or in the user manual for the machine.

The hotkey for that motherboard is the Delete key. Pressing that key during the initial power on self test should bring up the BIOS menu and the version will be displayed in the top right corner of the screen.


Oct 13, 2014
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Sorry, I misunderstood (I think..) without turning it on, you wont be able to tell for sure which BIOS version you sport.
However, if you meant from windows, see CPU-Z.

If you bought it before that specific compatibility BIOS was released, chances are, unless you flashed it, it wont work. Usually when motherboards are released from the factory they include the newest most stable BIOS. If the motherboard was purchased recently from a major reseller, chances are that it would ship with a recent BIOS, especially if it adds CPU compatibility.