Question Is this GT-1030 compatible with my prebuilt PC motherboard?

Mar 31, 2021
I'm looking to upgrade from my i7-6700's integrated graphics to a GT-1030. I currently own a prebuilt office PC.

This is the PC:

I want to upgrade it to a Gigabyte GT-1030, but I'm wondering if it's compatible with the Odense motherboard on the PC. gt 1030&cm_re=gigabyte_gt 1030-_-14-932-004-_-Product&quicklink=true

If this GPU isn't compatible, please let me know of another one which is.
The 1030 won't be much better than the built in GPU. I would go for the 1050Ti at minimum. At least it's capable of some 1080p action.
Here are the builds for that at userbenchmark. You can look in the GPU performance column and see what I mean. The 750Ti there is much more powerful than the 1030.
The GTX 1650 is much better than the 1050Ti if you can swing that.
At this power level a single fan full height card is all you need.
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