Is upgrading to an actual computer monitor worth it over a regular TV?


Jan 12, 2015
Hello, I am thinking about upgrading my "monitor" but I can't really decide if it is worth to or not. Right now I have a 23" Vizio TV that is 1360x768 that I use for everything (gaming, daily web browsing). I heard that TVs don't make good computer monitors, so I thought about upgrading to a 1080p monitor (which is the highest resolution I can go with my current gpu).

I mostly play FPS such as Rainbow Six Siege, and Squad. Along with other games such at Rocket League.

Here is my system:

Here is the TV I use:

I haven't looked at 1080p monitors let alone price them, so it would be great if you could recommend some. Looking to stay at least 23 inches or bigger, and under $200. Could go up to $250 if needed.

Does it sound that an actual computer monitor benefit me? Thanks!
Depends on the games you play. If its not first person shooters then its not a big deal. Only issue you may have is fast motion blur due to latency. If you see what looks like ghost images trailing moving objects for example. Most PC monitors gamers want 4ms to reduce the blur. You could get this monitor but think about holding off for a rx580.
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