Question Isolate Personal Files from Work Files (Security)


Aug 28, 2019

So I've recently got a new job and they gave me a laptop to work on. Although very kind of them, I was wondering if there was a way for me to use my two screen setup for work.

I want it to be isolated though as if I get a virus on my personal account, that it doesnt transfer to the work account.

Of course, I believe that having a second user on my windows would not prevent that, so I was wondering how I could have two isolated workspaces to make sure I never be the cause of problems in my new job. Thank you!


Win 10 Master
One way to do it and make sure that neither can see the others work/files or be infected is 2 different drives and only ever have one in at the same time. a lot of messing around but it is safest.

I don't know if a virtual machine would be enough.
I would keep the laptop and do work related stuff on the laptop and plug a monitor or two on that laptop. They gave you a laptop to work on you should use it.

You already have your 2 setup independent from each other.


You already have a PC and 2 monitors, right?

Just use whatever output the laptop has to one of your monitors.
Switch the input on the monitor when you're working.
Laptop screen + monitor = 2.
This is exactly what I was going to suggest, assuming that at least one of your displays has two or more inputs. If not, then I would recommend purchasing a new one just for this purpose. You NEVER really want to do work on a personal machine nor personal things on a work computer. Always keep the two separate.

-Wolf sends