Question Isolating seemingly random Black Screen/Crash?

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Aug 29, 2020
Moving this from another forum, hoping for help. Just one of a million problems on 'new' 'good' hardware that, as ever, just doesn't work, apparently... So.

My computer (seems to) mostly works great - I have more problems, but this seems the most pressing - but occasionally just - blackscreen restarts.

The closest I can get to figuring out what might be going on are 500/501 errors in the log every hour on the hour, which makes me think GPU, but... The GPU isn't overheating, seems to be doing just fine, is playing nice with the driver...
All of the components are pretty new, too.

What are the best steps I can take to isolate & get more information about this one?
At the moment, I'm:
  • Watching the log/tsk manger
  • Trying to figure out when the crashes happen (seems to be unrelated to any stress on the GPU, it can just be idling with no programs open, no temperature - crash) and the time (random, sometimes once every other day, sometimes once a month)
  • Keeping an eye on dxdiag etc.
  • Reset CMOS, nothing changed.
Thanks, any info is appreciated!


OS: Win 8.1
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor
GPU: GTX 2070 Super 4095 MB
Motherboard: TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) (AM4)
RAM: 4x16 GB
PSU: EVGA 750 Supernova P2
Surge Protector: Tripp Lite ISOBAR

Dump enclosed.

Edit: Some extra notes, the crash has been previously observed (via dump): 8/28, 8/25, 7/22, 7/17, and twice on 6/19. In those two dumps, a very clear DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE is noted. I am not intelligent enough to say if that is the GPU or the Power Supply, but perhaps it will help you help me.

In addition, the on-board mobo wireless adapter disappeared entirely, and I've been relying on a Rosewiller Wireless Adapter. I don't think it's the Motherboard, but that's all the extra info I've got. I should echo that the GPU is currently under the latest non-beta drivers, installed clean, not overclocked. The crash is not related to power usage or graphics intensity, and seems arbitrary/random.
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Good chance it's a compatibility issue. Technically the only OS the x570 and 3000 series is compatible with is Win 10.

When the hardware was replaced was the OS reinstalled or transplanted from the old hardware?
Aug 29, 2020
Thanks very much for the response! My bad, I didn't clarify - this was on a completely fresh install of win 8.1 and all the hardware is new. I was just complaining because - well, it's the first time I've built a computer, and it's been a slice.

I didn't receive any compatability errors or notifications, and the GPU/CPU seem to be handing most anything thrown their way.


Apr 7, 2016
1. Make sure you are using the latest BIOS 3.00.55 from ASUS.

2. Use Win10 64 as these are the only drivers ASUS made. I would try W10 using a spare hard drive to see if that solves your issue.
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