Question Issue connecting ps4 controller


Oct 21, 2015
Having a issue connecting my ps4 controller to my pc.

When I switched from console to pc. I wanted to continue using my ps4 controller on the shooter gamers I played. It was working fine plugged in via wire and could happily play my games.

Then the wire started becoming loose, as they do. Then I had to use Inputmapper so I could play some older and new games like gta san Andreas and Forza 4. Now the wire started coming loose and a few cables later I've decided to go bluetooth, because I heard it was better use. I bought a dongle, it connects to Windows, but my games won't pick up the controller unless I have Inputmapper running.

Not that I pressed by inputmapper, it seems to make controls sluggish.

Anyone have any ideas or if there are any setting in the inputmapper I need to change


Deleted member 362816

Never had luck with ps4 adaptors on pc myself.

That being said ps5 controllers work flawlessly via Bluetooth.