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Question Issue with booting sometimes

Nov 16, 2019
Well not always does this happen,but at some point when i wanna fresh start my pc (i5 2400 8gig ddr3 rx 470 4gb 500 80% psu ssd 120gig/hdd 500gig 7.2k rpm),and my led fans light up and start spining and the booting sequence doesn't continue.I fixed couple of times an issue with replacing ram sticks and it worked as nothing happend,but is there deeper problem beyond this and can i fix it pernamently cause im moving onto Ryzen build pretty soon and i wanna sell this config,but i wont if it turns up that this problem is not fixable(dont wanna be douche seller).Also i have 1 more problem with cpu fan(stock intel cooler),ever since i replaced it,it doesnt start spining right away,it has delay maybe like 2-3 secs and then fan loads in full intensity for 1-2 secs and after it continues working the way its supposed to(im not sure entirely this is exactly problem that is leading up to booting error,just asking if it might be).