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  1. K

    Question Unique boot problem 12th gen i9 ddr4

    Hello, since yesterday midday I have been troubleshooting my new pc build trying to understand the problem and get it to boot. I’ve tried everything between heaven and earth. When I turn on the PC every fan and all the rgb turns on, the qled display on the asus mobo first shines red on cpu...
  2. J

    Question Problem booting an ASRock x570 Phantom Gaming 4 ?

    This is the first PC I’ve ever built, and I just finished with assembling all of the hardware in the PC minus a few fans which are still being mailed. (I currently am using the basic fans provided in the Corsair Airflow 4000D). Once I start my PC and reach the set up menu, I am completely lost...
  3. TheFlash1300

    Question Windows 10 can't load correctly, if the Legacy Support is disabled - the screen remains off

    Hello. So, the problem is recent. I used Windows 10 and various Linux distributions on the laptop, and they always loaded correctly, without any problems. The problem happens when the UEFI mode is enabled, while the Legacy mode is disabled. If both modes are enabled, there won't be any...
  4. R

    Question LG 27UL500-W 4K 27 Inch Gaming Monitor Review. Can it be budget and brilliant?

    Hi all, Just to let you know that we have a new video up and in this one, we review the LG 27UL500-W 4K 27 Inch Gaming Monitor. Can it be budget and brilliant? Find out here! : View:
  5. B

    Question Laptop takes some time to power on the screen and start turning on (boots quickly after that) ?

    Hello! My laptop used to turn on immediately after pressing the power button, with screen turning on and showing a quick bios screen, then the manufacturers logo, and finally booting into my operating system after that. A week or two ago, I (tried to) turn it off, and left the room. When I came...
  6. Littleskittle2057

    Question Graphics Card Sometimes Doesn't Works

    Up until yesterday this card has been running fine every time (Its a 1050Ti btw) But now everytime i turn it on i get a black black screen, keyboard and mouse have lights but unpressable . However i do know that i can access to bios by pressing Del repeatedly the first 10 seconds I have tested...
  7. ZombieLogan7468

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 giving me half black and blue screen when booting

    So I built my first gaming pc recently and it was working for the first couple months. Then suddenly, it froze while I was playing Destiny 2 and I was never able to boot it up again. It kept looping the failed automatic repair screen. I’ve tried stuff like wiping my SSD and booting windows 10 on...
  8. N

    Question Computer turns off after 5 seconds

    Cpu error after burning smell Cpu error after burning smell Hey, a quick story for you guys. I was playing games with my cpu around 70-80c when I smelt the burning of dust. As soon as a smelt it I turned off my pc. Although dumb I turned it back on after 10mins when It cycled on and off around...
  9. wobbleidz

    [SOLVED] Unable to get into bios settings on MSI MAG Tomahawk Z690 WIFI DDR4

    Hi, I just build up my new system and I can't seem to be able to get into the bios settings. I've tried resetting CMOS, tried only keyboard in USB, tried holding SHIFT while powering off (so I could reboot straight into bios), tried hitting delete (what the manual tells me to do), tried all...
  10. I

    [SOLVED] PC just won't accept any GPU?

    Hey guys! So I gifted my girlfriend my old PC since she'd love to play some little games on a PC herself. However, upon trying to boot it up, BIOS started beeping and telling me that the GPU is problematic in some way and therefore can't boot up. I tried a different GPU after that yet I'm...
  11. N

    Question PC not booting up, Blue Light On the motherboard

    So i after waking up i turned on my pc. The pc turned on but the display on the monitor was not coming on so i shut down the cpu by holding the power button. The next time i turned on the pc the blue light is on but pc isn't booting. The fans are not starting or anything just the light is on. I...
  12. ApolloOnTheSun

    Question Help needed pc not booting to bios starting to lose hope

    Hey guys all help is appreciated. I build a new pc 1 month ago. Ryzen 5 5600x, msi x570 motherboard, gigabyte 3070ti gaming oc, xpg core reactor 850w. The pc ran fine till I decided to do some pbo undervolting. I had done it before I set it to -30 and my pc after saving bios and restarting...
  13. Duneram

    Question Pc ejecting USB drives (and not being able to reconnect with any USB drive), and not booting if turned off until you disconnect the PSU and reconnect

    So yesterday I built my first mini ITX PC in a Jonsbo V8. I used: -16Gb of DDR4 ram from Corsair a B550I Aorus Pro AX with a Ryzen 5 5600x water cooled with an AIO A RX 6600 XT from Saphire A Corsair SF750. And lastly a 1TB m.2 SSD Everything seemed to be fine until I tried to copy some Pc...
  14. T

    Question Drives working fine separately, not working when together ?

    I've been having an issue for a while where my two HDD's don't work when plugged in together, however both are perfectly fine by themselves. The older drive is a 2tb hybrid SSHD-HDD and the other is a 4TB brand new WD blue. When both drives are plugged in together, whatever drive was plugged in...
  15. aayushdn

    [SOLVED] How to remove os from hdd as i clone to ssd

    I have cloned my OS to SSD from HDD now I have windows in SSD and hdd both now I want to delete the windows of HDD how can I do it and there is boot manager also in both disk so I can boot windows from both SSD and hdd how can I delete it too? Help!
  16. CJ16

    [SOLVED] When I download something in steam, after 3-5 mins it will pause and state " DISK WRITE ERROR".

    I downloaded gta5 on my pc and it just automatically pauses and stated that it has write disk error. Could my hdd be the culprit? I tried running "CHKDSK" in cmd and this is what it showed C:\Windows\system32>chkdsk The type of the file system is NTFS. Volume label is CJ SSD. WARNING! /F...
  17. RexDomi

    [SOLVED] Windows not directly booting, only via boot override in the bios.

    Yesterday i aquired a 6700k and a Z170 Pro Gaming from Asus. This motherboard finally had a M.2 slot so i popped in my 980 Pro and installed Windows on it. But when i start up my system i am always prompted to my bios and not booting into windows directly. In the bios however i can load windows...
  18. plinkaberry

    [SOLVED] PC Won't Boot Up? Nothing Lights Up, No Display Either.

    Initially, the GPU and Motherboard were lighting up, and the fans were spinning...but the monitor had no display. I tested the monitor with the laptop using an HDMI cable, and found that the monitor was working just fine. As of now, pressing the power button, nothing lights up in the PC, not...
  19. B

    Question Boot led flashes and then system turn off

    Been having an issue with my pc where it first started switching off randomly once or twice and now its not turning on. Boot led flashes and system turns off the turns back on without any fans spinning or leds lighting. What I have tried so far: ~Ram slot and modules cleaned thoroughly ~Removed...
  20. E

    Question Problem with booting from pendrive ?

    Hello I have problem. I have bought HP Pavilion 16-a0030nw and i have problem with installing Windows. I tried everything -creating bootable pendrive with rufus nfts/fat32 -creating pendrive with media creation tool But no matter what I do laptop simply doesn't detect pendrive in boot menu. I...
  21. florcheshire

    [SOLVED] i have an issue with my motherboard, screen is showinh nothing a

    hello! first of all id like to clarify that i dont know much about computers, but i changed my gpu and motherboard. mu first issue was with what i think is called BIOS screen? basically the config of the motherboard. whenever i started my pc the screen showef me that and i couldnt get out no...
  22. B

    [SOLVED] Can't Boot Windows From M.2 NVMe Drive

    Hello, I am attempting to do a clean install of Windows 10 onto an M2 NVMe SSD. I can successfully install Windows onto the drive, but I cannot actually boot into Windows after completing the installation. Mobo is a ASUS Z490-I M2 drive is a Corsair MP400 The motherboard always identifies the...
  23. Indyyyy

    Question Computer not booting after Restart or Shutdown

    Recently built a computer and having an issue booting when doing a reset (ie. I go to windows and select "Restart") The only way for my screen to display is by doing a hard shutdown (hold power button on PC) and restarting that way. After a soft restart I can see that my computer is on and...
  24. Dev0n_44

    Question How --- do you install windows?

    I am trying to boot windows from a usb. The usb has the windows media creation tool installed using the rufus software. The usb is formated as nfts. The bios is the old blue gigabyte bios. Im <Mod Edit> tired of this pls use simple instructions.
  25. E

    [SOLVED] My pc doesn't always boot unless I reset my motherboard

    Hello, so here are my specs i9-10900kf cooled with z63 rtx 3080 32gb corsair rams 2 ssd's - 1 hdd colorful z490 vulcan x20 gamemax 1050w So my problem is my pc doesn't boot from the first time normally, I have to switch the powersupply to OFF then Click on the reset button on my motherboard...
  26. O

    Question Problem with Windows 10 booting

    When I try to boot from my Windows 10 USB it fails... I choose the 64-bit Windows, it tries to boot but then the error shows up. I have the Windows USB selected as the #1 boot priority and all the other devices are detected. could it be wiring as I built it myself? Here are some photos of...
  27. M

    [SOLVED] Windows can not be installed on this disk

    Hello all, my m.2 SSD has just come back from repair and I am trying to install windows on it. When I try to it comes up with an error saying “ Windows can not be installed to this disk. This computers hardware may not support booting into this disk. Ensure that the disk’s controller is enabled...
  28. C

    Question Odd behaviour of case fans when booting PC ?

    Hi there , so i recently built my first pc which was transfered to my old case which is a cooler master 430 black, it has intake and one exhaust fan , but I noticed one thing, everytime I press the power button of the case , the fans turn on with the lights as well, but after spinning a bit they...
  29. Matatakk

    Question New computer keeps turning on and off

    Hello! I just built my new pc, here are the components that I am supposed to put in it: -i5-9600k -Aorus z390 I pro wifi (mini itx one) -2x8gb 3200 G.skill ram -Corsair sf450 PSU -Sylverstone rvz03 case -Gtx 1070ti Unfortunately, I am facing a lot of trouble with this build, when I first...
  30. Epicguy12

    Question Gigabyte Aorus elite motherboard is blinking red, not booting to bios, any solutions?

    Let's get to the issue directly, my Gigabyte Aorus elite motherboard is not booting to bios and just blinking red twice per second and continues indefinitely ( I let it do so for around 5mins for not risking any damage to maybe other components). *PC specs given at the end. #Things to note...
  31. Chris 2224

    Question Upgrading to windows 10 on new SSD

    I bought a Kingston 120GB ssd today and I decided to start with a fresh OS. I burned a win 10 DVD with the iso from the official site. I put the CD in and make it boot the instalation as usual. When I did that, there was no installation, just a '_' underscore blinking. So I decided to pull...
  32. M

    [SOLVED] Your PC/Device needs to be repaired 0xc000000f

    Hi, so first of all i am a complete noob on pc stuff. I recently finished building my new PC and i installed Windows on my HDD instead of my SSD. After talking to a friend i wanted to have my Windows on my SDD instead so i installed it on my SSD without unplugging my HDD. After, I wanted to...
  33. Kasper_C

    [SOLVED] NVMe M.2 SSD replacing SATA SSD

    Good day! As I’m still new to changing out hardware in PCs, I thought it’d be good to ask here before I venture out and do something silly. I’ve just purchased a new SSD, this time one that uses the M.2 slot. Today, I just use an ordinary, quite old SSD that utilizes a SATA cable to connect...
  34. M

    [SOLVED] Moving the BOOT partition(HDD) to SSD (with existing OS partition)

    Is there a way to move the boot partition from HDD to SSD(NVME) while the OS partition is already on the SSD partition without loosing any data and reinstalling w10? When I was installing w10 on SSD, the installer created boot partition on HDD which I didn't unplugged before the installation.I...
  35. lucasprograms

    Question Computer Works Normally - Boot LED is on (MSI B550 Gaming Edge Wifi)

    I've has an MSI B550 Gaming Edge Wifi Mobo for about a month. The boot led will occasionally stay on after booting. There do not seem to be any other symptoms of a boot issue. Oftentimes if I restart, the led will not stay on. Is this something I should be concerned about?
  36. E

    [SOLVED] Newly built Pc was freezing and now won't boot up

    Hi, I recently put together and built a computer. The components I chose are: Asrock B450M Steel Legend motherboard Ryzen 5 1600AF Radeon RX 580 4GB Sapphite Nitro + DDR5 2 x 8GB Ballistix Sport 3000MHz DDR4 RAM Corsair CV650 PSU Adata SU 630 240GB SSD I finished building it yesterday, it...
  37. Question Cant change boot drive and I dont have BIOS password.

    So basically I got a new MSI Gaming PC (used) with a 128gb SSD (the one that I boot with) and a 2tb HDD. I am not good at computers so I need to know how to change my booting drive. On the internet I found that I have to use the boot menu to change it but then it says that I need to enter a...
  38. S

    [SOLVED] Issue with booting sometimes

    Well not always does this happen,but at some point when i wanna fresh start my pc (i5 2400 8gig ddr3 rx 470 4gb 500 80% psu ssd 120gig/hdd 500gig 7.2k rpm),and my led fans light up and start spining and the booting sequence doesn't continue.I fixed couple of times an issue with replacing ram...
  39. Leonardo_N

    Question Does anybody know the problem of my pc ? Not booting.

    I installed all my parts into my pc and when I turned it on, all of the fans started to spin, including the 2 fans on the graphics card, but the monitor says no signal and nothing booted. I tried another monitor but it also did not boot. Then I tried to put my father's graphics card (Gainward GT...