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Forum discussion tagged with Booting.
  1. lucasprograms

    Question Computer Works Normally - Boot LED is on (MSI B550 Gaming Edge Wifi)

    I've has an MSI B550 Gaming Edge Wifi Mobo for about a month. The boot led will occasionally stay on after booting. There do not seem to be any other symptoms of a boot issue. Oftentimes if I restart, the led will not stay on. Is this something I should be concerned about?
  2. E

    Question Newly built Pc was freezing and now won't boot up

    Hi, I recently put together and built a computer. The components I chose are: Asrock B450M Steel Legend motherboard Ryzen 5 1600AF Radeon RX 580 4GB Sapphite Nitro + DDR5 2 x 8GB Ballistix Sport 3000MHz DDR4 RAM Corsair CV650 PSU Adata SU 630 240GB SSD I finished building it yesterday, it...
  3. Question Cant change boot drive and I dont have BIOS password.

    So basically I got a new MSI Gaming PC (used) with a 128gb SSD (the one that I boot with) and a 2tb HDD. I am not good at computers so I need to know how to change my booting drive. On the internet I found that I have to use the boot menu to change it but then it says that I need to enter a...
  4. S

    Question Issue with booting sometimes

    Well not always does this happen,but at some point when i wanna fresh start my pc (i5 2400 8gig ddr3 rx 470 4gb 500 80% psu ssd 120gig/hdd 500gig 7.2k rpm),and my led fans light up and start spining and the booting sequence doesn't continue.I fixed couple of times an issue with replacing ram...
  5. L

    Question Does anybody know the problem of my pc ? Not booting.

    I installed all my parts into my pc and when I turned it on, all of the fans started to spin, including the 2 fans on the graphics card, but the monitor says no signal and nothing booted. I tried another monitor but it also did not boot. Then I tried to put my father's graphics card (Gainward GT...
  6. Question Dead laptop power inductors buzz when plugged in

    I have a Dell 7537 p36f I did a little maintenance (cleaning fan, fix screen hinge, repaste) and it DID work at first (after plugging the display ribbon right heh) but after repeatedly powering it on and off it stopped powering on. I thought the battery was low so I plugged the adapter in and...
  7. C

    Question Can I boot from the M.2 slot on my mobo?

    I am planning on upgrading my PC again , this time I am in need of a better GPU and I have never had an SSD so I've been looking into different SSDs recently. I really like the look of the WD Blue SN550 PCIe NVMe SSD and I found some things said about old motherboards not supporting booting from...
  8. carson_e

    [SOLVED] Reinstalling Windows 10 on an already used SSD after fried motherboard

    So, upon my old motherboard frying I replaced all my parts and realized it won’t let me boot from my old SSD with Windows and my files in it. Is there any way I can avoid buying a new SSD. I still have the old license to the Windows 10 (it’s OEM). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. HeadLord

    Question Dual Booting (Does files works on both operating systems i got ?)

    Hello Guys, now i have windows 7 installed on my PC and I was thinking about dual booting windows 7 and windows 10 but my question here that I got about 200GBs+ games installed (on steam) so I wanted to ask is it possible that they work on windows 10 ? while I installed them on windows 7...
  10. Rejul

    Question No Os booting supported from IDE drive

    During windows installation an error shows "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure the disk's controller is enable in the computer's BIOS menu ". I was try to do windows installation in PATA drive (IDE) on ASUS...
  11. K

    Question My laptop issue. Please help

    My laptop Acer predator helius 300 is not booting properly from past week. 70% of the time on startup it shows bluish screen before system logo for 30 sec to 4-5 mins and then it boots. I asked a local repair person and he told be either my graphic card or SSD is gone. Please can someone help...
  12. vangelisk

    Question Booting Computer Looses Power Immediately Making a Faint Crack Sound Then Continues To Boot Normally

    Booting Computer Looses Power Immediately Making a Faint Crack Sound Then Continues To Boot Normally.. I post this in mothersboards instead of psu because i think the psu isnt the culprit. I just changed the psu today and the same thing is happening. This started happening after my liquid...
  13. L

    Question Downgrade bios? or reformat window?

    hi, recently my ab350mhdv went down and i bought the b450mhdv to replace, i didnt aware with the motherboard 3.2 bios version not really compatible with my current cpu "ryzen 1600 summit ridge" the reason why i want to downgrade is because am getting this problem when i boots up my window...
  14. B

    Question MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX takes a lot of time to get to BIOS

    Hello guys, Two days ago I installed my new MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX motherboard together with my new processor, the Ryzen 7 3600X. Everything works fine, but it takes a lot of time to get to the BIOS. When I turn my pc on, my keyboard lights up instantly. My screen stays black for ~1 minute...
  15. cmwi11

    Question Mini ITX Ryzen Boards

    Which mini-ITX motherboard would be best for this proposed build? I've looked at so many different ones, but they all seem to just have bad reviews. I don't want my computer that I will be spending $$$ on to crap out on me. I don't want it to overheat. I want the M.2 to work properly!! I want it...
  16. WimboJallis121

    Question PC still not booting after replacing mobo + psu (video attached)

    I had an issue with my PC a couple of years ago after it decided to stop working one day right in the middle of uni deadlines (sh*t!). Long story short, i needed something urgently so replaced it with a laptop, and never bothered to go back to it until now. Fast forward until now, i was...
  17. K

    [SOLVED] Computer booting turns off and turns back on.

    It's not really a problem I don't think but... Sometimes (Not all the times) whenever I go to press the button to turn on my PC, it turns off for around 2 seconds and then boots back up - nothing bad happens, it just boots up as normal, no boot loop, no errors, it will never turn off by itself...

    Question Black Screen on new pc build

    Hello I recently built a New pc and whenever I start the pc it has a chance of just going into a black screen that does not go away untill I turn the pc off, once I turn it back on again it sometimes will still have the black screen but most of the time it just starts perfectly fine after that...
  19. Caleb_Z

    Question Switching Boot Drives Causing “Preparing Automatic Repair” loop

    I recently installed a MX500 SSD to my PC that has a 1.5 TB hard drive for Windows 10. Everything went well when I installed it. I could switch the boot from the SSD to the Hard drive after I finished. Today, I wanted to boot back to the SSD to download something. When I went into BIOS to select...