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  1. JDavis81

    Question Faulty motherboard? Or something else?

    Hello everybody , I’m having a problem with my 2 week old first built computer where my PC will power on with case fans working and then turn off which leads to the motherboard led lights to start flashing. The strange thing is after doing a complete strip of the system and adding parts one...
  2. LilZpai

    Question Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk.

    I just built a computer from some older parts earlier today, and have been pulling my hair out because of this error that occurs when trying to install Windows. Here's the error: So far, I've tried changing some settings in the BIOS, such as changing from IDE to AHCI as some guides have...
  3. B

    Question Monitor turns on/off repeatedly when booting up

    A couple of days ago, my monitor started turning on and off whenever I turn the pc on. It sometimes happens when the pc wakes up from sleep mode too. The monitor gets in a loop of showing image for half a second, then 3 seconds of black screen. I can briefly see that Windows loads everytime...
  4. S

    Question Booting issues

    Hi there. In the last couple of days, I suspected that I might have gotten a virus, and yesterday it became clear that something was wrong. My PC began to lag heavily, and not even task manager would function properly, and finally, a black screen appeared, and I was forced to shut down my PC by...
  5. SuicidalCookie

    Question When I boot, PC stays on windows logo and spinning circle for 10 minutes before finally booting

    So the other day I pulled out the power cable of one of my 3 hard drives to plug into a different hard drive, now this is where everything went wrong. I have my windows 10 installed on an SSD. and suddenly my computer couldn't find my windows? so I continued pissing around for about an hour...
  6. R

    Question HP Lap Top wont turn on

    Hello Everyone, My HP laptop wont turn on. It has been more than 2 months since I used this laptop. I have connected the laptop to the power source using the adapter and charged it for about 30 mins and then tried turning it on the LED in the caps lock and F12 key goes on and off but the laptop...
  7. P

    Question PC not booting/passing POST startup

    Hey so, after rummaging through forum posts on this website with the same issue as me, I have had to result to posting as I am unable to boot my PC. And after forking out nearly £140 these past three days I really need a resolution. TO start, the specs: Mobo - ASUS PRIME A320M-K - new CPU - AMD...
  8. m7mod

    Question PC not booting with rx580

    I've recently bought an xfx RX 580 8gb GPU to install in my old pc with the specs below, but the pc didn't boot at all with the keyboard not on, so i tried my friend's evga gtx 1060 3gb and it worked perfectly and i tried my rx580 in his pc and that also worked perfectly, i don't really know...
  9. G

    I7 7800x for Gaming

    I bought a gaming PC about a year ago form Ibuypower. It has an i7 7800x CPU, 16 gigs of memory and a 1080 (non Ti) GPU. I has been great running a 144hz 1440 monitor for gaming. I just preloaded Fallout 76 and the system spec checker says I am good to go except the CPU, it is unsure about...
  10. A

    Can't find my answer and new to building pc's

    Can you by any chance start up your PC without ram and storage and just the cpu? Or will that mess the system up.
  11. D

    Temps at idle too high

    Recently, my temps have gone through the roof. I have a 860k cpu not OC and an asrock fm2a58m-vg3+ mobo. Use the stock cooler, which has been cleaned and temps are just dying. I will be cleaning it after this post, turn the cooler around and re-apply thermal...
  12. K

    No AMD Graphics installed on ryzen 5 2400G

    I have ryzen 5 2400 G apu. i installed graphics drivers but when i open radeon settings it shows no AMD Graphics Driver installed.
  13. W

    Just arrow showing

    Power on. Just arrow showing. No acer sigh to put my pin number i to
  14. Z

    Help!!! My PC shut down suddenly while I'm watching on YouTube!!

    Hello everyone!! Moving directly to the subject, my PC suddenly shutting down while I'm watching or listening something on YouTube!! Which is the cause/issue?!
  15. S

    Dual Monitor FPS drops and alt-tab freezes

    So I'm trying out dual monitors and with the current setup whenever I try to alt tab from any program to any other program the computer freezes and I have to reboot. According to CAM my CPU, GPU, and ram aren't even close to being under full load. I'm also experiencing major FPS loss (100+ lower...
  16. M

    Laptop shutting down while booting

    Heyy everybody..i have hp notebook 15 laptop has recently started to shut down while booting and i m not able to boot into windows...when it starts it shuts down after 3-4 seconds..i have tried removing hard disk and then running and also replacing the ram..but its still the same..i have...
  17. J

    Moving cpu without reapplying thermal paste

    I just built my new pc. I have a h100i v2 water-cooler on a kaby lake i5 7600k. I don't know how, but I managed to place the cooler upside down lol. I am wondering if I can just turn it right side up without reapplying thermal paste because I didn't buy any. not expecting to do something like this.
  18. L

    TroubleShooting New GPU

    I've installed a new video card and my computer does not go past the first screen where you press F2 or F9 to enter bios. It stays frozen on that screen, and then moments later a beep comes from the mb. My mb manual gives 2 beep options. 3 consecutive beeps for not detecting cpu or 1 long and 8...
  19. henrytcasey

    California Roll Is Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker Made for the Beach

    The California Roll's solar cells need 7 hours to draw enough power to let its 6 internal speakers blast tunes for almost a whole day. California Roll Is Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker Made for the Beach : Read more