Question Issue with front audio port ?


Oct 29, 2012
I got a new PC late last year. It's an MSI 590 PRO motherboard in a NZXT h710 case, running Windows 10.

There's an issue with the front audio port. The back port switches the audio properly, but when I try to plugin in to the front port of the case it doesn't switch at all. It looks like the hd audio cord is properly connected to the motherboard, and it looks like it is listed in Sounds>Playback. However, when I plug in the headphone to the front port, it doesn't appear to detect that it's plugged in. I also disabled front port detection in the Realtek Audio Console. That looks to make the front port active in the Playback list, but there is still no sound when I plug it in. The driver has been updated too. So not sure, if the problem is with the actual port, the cable, or some other issue. Would anyone know what the issue maybe?
Could be something internally to the port.

Personally I use one of these. My board works fine, but it seems like every once in a while I'd get some things going on with the audio. For example, I live in the midwest, and the comptuer might have actually been off, but started getting almost like what sounded like a hispanic radio station through the speakers. Every once in a while maybe popping when gaming. So I use this and don't seem to have those things going on anymore myself. Seems to work ok and is a relatively cheap fix.|tkp:BFBM9I61pq5g