Question Issue with updating Windows 10, accessing apps, and audio

Jan 4, 2023
Yesterday I opened up my computer to find out that my computer has started acting funny. Everytime I try and open something on Microsoft edge, it tells me "your connection isn't private".
I've also tried opening other apps, and they either dont work, or dont function properly. For example, I cannot run any games. Spotify opens, but it does not work. Even the "Get Help" app does not work.
It has also told me my "audio service is not running" with my sound and audio not working. I found a fix to where it now shows as if it is working, but I still can not hear any sound.
It won't let me update, and my internet is showing up just fine.
I'm tempted to just reset everything because I have absolutely no clue how something like this could have happened, I just turned on my computer and it started to happen suddenly, but I want to see if I can get this fixed without having to do that.
Any help would be appreciated.

By the way, I remember opening some stuff and it telling me "file system error (-2144926975)". I have checked just about everything online and cannot find anything that ever mentions this system error, besides a couple references that didn't seem to help.


Win 11 Master
Jun 12, 2015
right click start button
choose powershell (admin)
copy/paste this command into window:
Repair-WindowsImage -Online -RestoreHealth
and press enter
Then type SFC /scannow
and press enter

Restart PC if SFC fixes any files as some fixes require a restart to be implemented
First command repairs the files SFC uses to clean files, and SFC fixes system files
SFC = System File Checker. First command runs DISM -

which version of win 10
  1. right click start
  2. choose run...
  3. type winver and press enter
  4. current version is 22H2