Question I've been having consistent hitching on every game for the past 6+ months despite changing a bunch of parts on my PC and many other things [ReadBelow]

Feb 14, 2022
So I've been having a isse on PC that I've started to notice a while ago that a lot of my games have a weird hitching, regardless if I have Vsync on/off, Freesync on/off, locked/unlocked FPS, CPU/GPU underloaded or maxed out; here is a slowmo video of what I mean:

MSI afterburner shows the FPS can stay rock solid at 144 or whatever I set it to, but the games don't feel smooth at all. Here are most of the things/changed I've done already.
  • Changed motherboards (all 3 are Gigabyte AM4 motherboards; x570, b550, b350 respectively)
  • upgrade/downgraded BIOS
  • Different Hz on the monitor
  • Running a single monitor
  • removed all devices and cables except keyboard and mouse
  • removed ethernet cable
  • XMP on and off
  • HPET (High Presicion Event Timer) on and off
  • limiting PCIE to 3.0 or 4.0 instead of "AUTO"
  • Bought new RAM that was Ryzen compatible just in case ( 3600 RAM )
  • Multiple NVIDIA drivers
  • fTPM off (having this on reportedly causes system stutters on Win10/11 btw)
  • Tried 3 different PSUs ( 2 of them are 500w from EVGA and the other one is 1000w)
  • Swapped my Gigabyte 3070 ti for my older EVGA 1070 to an even older MSI 970
  • Differen Display Port Cables and even tried HDMI
  • I already have all the Xbox and stuff disabled
  • Multiple fresh installs of Windows 10 and 11 with up to date Chipset drivers and even older version of the driver
I'm honestly out of ideas and confused as to why this is happening.
Feb 14, 2022
full system spec? include brand and model of the psu
cpu/gpu temp and usage during the game?
ram/ssd usage?
how full is the ssd?
latest motherboard bios?

PC Specs:
Ryzen 5 5600X (Stock settings)
Motherboard: X570 Aorus Elite
Gigabyte RTX 3070 ti (currently running as 970 as I was RMA'ing the 3070 thinking that was the issue)
TridentZ RGB 32GB of RAM @ 3200
Windows 10 is on a SSD, game are installed on two different SSDs
EVGA 1000w PSU

Hardware temps are good, it happens with old games like Thief, NFS 2005 all the way to demanding games.
SSDs aren't full at all not even close.
bios are on the latest, I've tried different bios version as stated above.