Ivy Bridge vs Haswell

Apr 6, 2013
If you were to buy one of these for gaming, which would be better? For instance, say a 3770K versus a 4770K?

Now, I know that the Haswell variant is slightly better at the same clockspeeds, but it doesn't OC well at all (only some will make it to 4.5Ghz), when the former will OC to that clockspeed more easily.

So what would be smarter to buy?

Haswell, which you can OC to a 4.3-4.5 Ghz and slightly better per thread performance, or the Ivy bridge, which can be OC'd slightly higher, say 4.6-4.7 with adequate cooling?

Also, which processor will last longer at these clockspeeds?
Apr 6, 2013

Per thread, yes. But you could buy a Haswell processor and stagnate at 4.3Ghz and then get a comparable Ivy bridge, OC it to 4.6 and get better performance.
seems like most of the reviews show them pulling identical FPS when locked into the same clock speed. so i'm not sure there is any real difference in gaming (compute seems to be where all the haswell's performance shows up... that and the synthetic benchmarks).



You could also end up with an Ivy that can only get to 4.3 and a Haswell that can get to 4.8.

Its luck of the draw. I think you would be crazy to buy a previous generation CPU unless you could save a significant amount of money.



+1 based on current things I have read about Haswell, this is what I know has been said:

1. Haswell runs hotter than IB

2. There are some IPC improvements, but mostly iGPU improvements...at similar clocks the results are about 6-7% better performance in real world apps...(synthetic benchmarks may show better performance, but it's as of yet unrealized)

3. Haswell draws more power than IB

4. Haswell performs worse than IB in some tasks that are heavily tied to RAM using same RAM bandwidth (don't ask me how intel managed that).

5. The upgraded iGPU is still not usable in gaming and is only on the super expensive flagship models.

6. IB is going to be cheaper...haswell SKUs will MSRP above what IB started at in terms of cost.

7. Older PSUs will require changing settings in BIOS to avoid frying the MB/CPU when the sleep mode is engaged ("ultra low power consumption" is what intel calls this...though, oddly, it draws 10% more power under any load)

IB seems to be the better way to go, in spite of the fact it's on a dead socket.



1. Related to 3.

3. Because they moved the VRM's from the mobo into the CPU itself, all it has done is take power draw from the mobo and put it into the CPU. Overall your still consuming less power.

4. Benches?

5. Though really any iGPU solution isn't enough for current games, even among the APU's. The Intel HD4600 is available across all Haswell chips to my knowledge.

6. Prices will drop eventually, its a brand new component so of course it will sell for more.

7. Ties back to 3, and not all PSU's need changing. Check with your PSU manufacturer to see if its Haswell ready. Haswell at idle consumes less power than Ivy.



1/3/7: Actually...no you're not drawing less power. That's just the propaganda from intel, at idle it's 1-2W less...at load I have seen as much as 10W more power for total system draw...though the one I show below shows a difference of 2W more for Haswell for total system draw, that will vary by program/load %.

4. Benches:

Memory bandwidth benchmark from Tom's (5th one down):


Power consumption CPU (TDP is 7W higher on the Haswell):


Power Consumption Total System at load and idle:


5. Actually, the HD 4600 is the low end part that is a marginal improvement at best. The HD 5200 "Iris" is the high end part that is only available on flagship SKUs. HD 4600 is basically a slightly tweaked HD4K. Nothing to write home about, though it is available on every intel CPU.

6. Just like they did with IB right? Oh, wait, IB isn't dropping...haswell is just more expensive. LOL! That's intel's pricing logic for you..."If they paid $X for the last one, they'll pay $Y for this one! Who needs to drop prices on old tech?"

That could also tie into the fact that they know haswell isn't really much improvement. However, when IB launched, Sandy dropped a whopping $5...which meant you could eat at a fast food restaurant off the dollar menu for what you saved to buy the last gen technology. (SB isn't a drastic amount cheaper than IB right now either)


Aug 26, 2012
What chip would preform best overclocked?


I do alot of rendering and am wondering what would give me the best performance overlcoked...


Nov 8, 2013
I my self bought a IVY BRIDGE , even when we had plenty of haswell available here. Honestly i think haswell's new inbuilt voltage regulator is a problem. they are trying to take the mother board out of the picture but when it comes to voltage management its not going to work within a chip. Right?

I heard they are planning to take the IVR out of the processor on the next broadwell. I should had waited for the broadwell but my old pc was way too old. I just had to change. AMD systems are good but they are not enough for gamming. they are still using the same old chipset 990FX. At a moment i feel AMD architecture is way better. All the load is not depended on processor and chipset.

I just don't know. but I do know INTEL is using us as guinea pigs to continue with their research and sales. Just don't fall for all the tricks they put out at us. Find out whats right and then choose.

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