Usually, the cover needs to be taken out before the Front Panel can be taken out. After taking out the cover, look for a latch/quick-release to free up the Front Panel. The Service Manual should give you detailed instructions.


Sep 19, 2010

The srvice manual does not have detailed instructions; there used to be really good illustrations on the packard bell support forum but since the takeover.............
The Mozart Chassis is all clips and slides, I can get one side panel off easily but can't remember how to get the other off, and there are no obvious screws. I know that the front cover unclips but can't remember the order or where.
In most desktop computers, only one side panel is removable in order to gain access to the inside. Once you remove this side panel, there will be a latch usually, that you slide to release the front panel. Sometimes, the front panel is secured by a couple of plastic tabs that you must push and release. In some cases, you must grab the bottom of the front panel and just yank it off with one firm pull (some Cooler master cases). Very rarely do they use screws to secure the front panel.