Question Just got all the parts for a new computer, but cannot get monitor input to work

Feb 21, 2023
the monitor works with previous build, but it flashes 'analog' and 'hdmi' the whole time instead of anything else.

I don't have a dp cable to try and test that, but i've tried rewiring everything (all fans are functional and everything lights up), running it without the graphics card in, but admittedly this is my first time building and I'm at a loss.
i'm positive i'm overlooking something simple, but i don't have the experience to tell me. any ideas?

(i know the parts arent the best but i was on a budget)
MB: b660m-hdv
CPU: i5-12400f
GPU: AMD radeon6600
RAM: x2 8gb ddrv4
SSD: x2 1tb
PSU: 550w Bronze

**UPDATE: ty for the help!!! turns out the motherboard was just dead out of box, got a replacement and everything is running smoothly!!
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FWIW: A good case of the value of Spending $15 more for a non F processor with integrated graphics.

Does your monitor auto detect the input connection, or is there a OSD input selector option?

Have you plugged in the 6 or 8 pin psu connector to the graphics card?