[SOLVED] Just installed an AIO. Stability problems ensue

Jan 24, 2019
So I just replaced the Wraith cooler for my 2700 with a Floe Riing 360 a couple days ago. Since then I’ve had stability issues where it’ll crash anywhere from 15 seconds after POST to 30 minutes of use.

I tried a mild overclock upon installation but then dialed it back down after experiencing these issues so it’s running at base clock now.

Temps never go over 40 C at any point in Ryzen Master so I’m looking for what scenarios might exist where this keeps happening. It doesn’t matter what applications are running or what load it’s under. I’m using a CX600M which I know is “D tier” but should theoretically be supplying enough power based across multiple supply calculators. I’ve tried replacing the thermal paste too.

All the RGB and fans are still running after a crash, but the power and restart buttons are non responsive so I have to flip the psu switch to restart it.

That’s all the relevant information I have off the top of my head. Any insight you guys might have would be greatly appreciated!

Here is the build
Not sure. A few questions come to mind.

Have you checked whether anything was dislodged while installing the AIO?
Have you cleared CMOS so BIOS reverts to stock values?
All the connectors in the correct place?
What sort of crashes are you getting?
Is Windows (assuming Windows) configured to leave a crash dump? If so, has it been read to see what information is available to identify the crashes?


Mar 14, 2017
Are you running multiple softwares to monitor your hardware? I have almost the same setup you do (2700X OC'd @ 4.1ghz, Floe Riing 360), and when I had multiple monitoring softwares installed, it created some kind of conflict that would make my machine blackscreen, requiring me turning it off from the PSU. I have a corsair rgb keyboard, and I know they have a version of their iCue software that monitors hardware along with controlling rgb's. When my Cue upgraded to that, boom, the blackscreens were back. I had to install an older version, pre-merge with hardware monitoring, to get my fans working right.

Not saying this is what you've got going on, but worth looking into.

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