Question Keeps alt-tabbing by itself

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Nov 25, 2020
hey man, thanks
im afraid to already say it, but for now it seems that whatever we did, it seem to fixed it(?)
still premature to be sure, but i left that old 2d game (application that was proven to be minimizing because of this thing) for around 3-4 hours, nothing happened

i think i will leave it for the night, to see if it still will be fullscreen in the morning, just to be sure
if not, i will try this program as well, or maybe will leave it together for the night with that 2d game right now actually
Nov 25, 2020
i think it is, whew
at least game is fullscreen in the morning, 7 hours after

have no idea what did it
but it seems it was either
SFC /scannow
or Ethernet Realtek Drivers update
(or i also updated and then deleted that 1 weird old 2018 driver, after you said i need to update old ones, which btw i have no idea why i had it even:)
Driver Name : ViGEmBus.sys
Address : FFFFF80630F80000
End Address : FFFFF80630F95000
Size : 0x00015000
Load Count : 1
Index : 162
File Type : Unknown
Description : Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus Driver
Version :
Company : Benjamin Hoglinger-Stelzer
Product Name : Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus Driver
Modified Date : 01.08.2018 5:55:32
Created Date : 01.08.2018 5:55:32
Filename : C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\vigembus.inf_amd64_e84845c70c38fbe7\x64\ViGEmBus.sys
File Attributes :
Service Name : ViGEmBus
Service Display Name: @oem34.inf,%ViGEmBus.SVCDESC%;Virtual Gamepad Emulation Service
Digital Signature :
since i havent done anything else, since last time that issue happend

but i think it was the Ethernet drivers

thank you so much guys, Colif
hopefully i wont be back soon saying it was just a lucky coincedence that game suvived 7 + 3 hours
weird stuff that windows can do, even with smallest seemingly unrelated things, damn
Nov 25, 2020
sure man
i never said you said to delete them

i removed it, not deleted btw, wrong word
after updating, it became a program visible and removable in the control panel
if it causes some problems i would keep that driver in mind
thanks for being concerned, i will follow through steps in that topic as well