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Question Kernel Power 41 (63) since new gpu

Jul 3, 2020
Howdy tech folks.

I have finally got to the point to build my new pc myself instead of buying a laptop. The fool i was. I found a great deal with a prebuild by someone... Specs:

Pentium g 4560
Adata premier ddr4 2400 2x4gb
Gigabyte GA-H110-D3A
2tb Toshiba P300
Cooler Master 500W Termal Master

The problems started, when i plugged my new gpu in the pc. The Rx 480 8gb Sapphire Nitro+ . I had to buy a 4pin to 8pin converter that converts 2 4pins to an 8pin. The mobo also has a connector that in theory powers the card from the pci, that cable is also plugged in. Every once in a while, while gaming (serious usage) my pc completely restarts, and in the event log i find "Kernel-Power 41 (63)" ... After days of googleing, i think its probably a psu error, but im not quite sure. Also my ramsticks are acting weirt. I had to reseat them yesterday, and the windows10 only showed up with 4gb instead of 8... After several reseats, now it displays them correctly. Im still after this kernel power error. I tried everything. Giving the psu less power (via Radeon Software). Even underclocking it 20%, but still crashes with the same error, and the Radeon Wattman resets these setting every "crash". Im really out of idea.

Apart from serious gaming, it never crashes. The temperatures look good, the cpu and gpu stresstests told me there is nothing wrong with them. The Windows Memory Test and memtest64 ended with no error, and the 3DMark displays the correct score for the hardware.... GTA V Runs perfectly, but something like Slimerancher can crash the whole pc...

Cant be Audio Driver issue
Stress testing every component (no shutdown)
Memtest64 and Windows Memory Diagnostic (No error)
Everything plugged in.
No crash while idle, only while gaming.
No Blue Screen of Death.
Yes, i tried other wall outlets
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firstly if your PSU does not have the plugs you need, YOU NEED a new PSU.
Adapters will not work properly in this situation.
by 2 4-pin to an 8-pin do you mean molex 4 pin. this guy?

this is not going to work for long before it melts. the molex plugs cannot handle the wattage required by the 8-pin connector. these are for low wattage devices, hard drives, LEDS, CD-roms. they are not designed to deliver 75W on each for the 150W the PCIe 8-pin requires.