News Kioxia Launches 30TB SSD with a PCIe 5.0 x4 Interface


Sep 11, 2022
Somewhat tempting already. But as it turned out, I would need to scale up my RAM first. Recording a gaming video at 1440p and 60 FPS, with a bitrate aimed at quality (and not streaming), after about two hours the file hits 32+GB - and that makes it somewhat complicated to load the file for editing when the RAM doesn't have more than that.

There may be editing software, which loads file parts as needed, of course. But just meaning to point out that these SSDs are now scaling up to an extent, where other PC parts are lacking, such as in regard to RAM capacity, or GPU processing power (when one does have an intensive data usage scenario).
Aug 7, 2023
SSDs are scaling exactly like they have in the past, like 2008 where 80GB cost $595, or 1989 where 1MB cost over $1,000. SSD prices are cut in half every 2 years, and this trend has not been broken as of 2023. I'm an owner of a Micron 9400 Pro U.3 30TB SSD that is going for €3,200 as of July 2023.
If the current trend continues you will be able to buy a 256TB SSD for $1,500 in 2033.

@DavidLejdar If you are lacking PC parts, you need to upgrade, the RTX 4090 should be fast enough for everything you can do, and installing 128GB of RAM is not a big deal in 2023. How big your SSD is has nothing to do with your other PC parts.
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