Laptop as a temporary screen for my desktop?


Apr 26, 2012
im building a gaming pc right now and after im not going to have enough money to but a monitor and the one i have now has gone bad(green hue). im wondering if i can hook my pc up to my laptop as a temporary monitor?

my laptop is a sony vaio VGN-NW130J

is their a program i can use to set this up? i can use my bad lcd monitor to install any quick programs. my desktop will be using an ethernet cord to connect to my router and wifi for my laptop.

my current specs for the gaming pc that is in progress thanks for any help!

motherboard:Asrock z77 extreme3
tower:nzxt 410 elite
ram:corsair vengeance 8gb(2x4gb)
Graphics card: radeon HD 7850


Jun 6, 2012

I dont believe you can do this without a program, I know some programs that allow you to do so but I havent used it or know other people that have used it so I wouldnt recommend buying them, at least the ones that I know of, hopefully someone else can shed some light on a trusted free program. Since the laptop doesnt support a INcoming connection you cant use it as a primary monitor.