Laptop DVD Drive Stuck


Apr 13, 2010
Ok today i turned on my laptop and i went to put in a movie but then the drive wouldn't eject so i tried again but no luck. I tried manually ejecting it with a paper clip but it still doesn't come out. I took the drive out of my laptop and then i went to unscrew it. I then realised that i didn't have any screw drivers that could unscrew it, I needed a very small screw. So i'm just asking what screwdriver would i need?(full name would be helpful)

Would my drive be stuck?

If it helps i've got a lenevo thinkpad r400 notebook.


If you shake the drive do you heat a disc rattling, Sometimes the disc can fall out inside if you flip the computer while running a CD/DVD maybe. Some times you can get it to open a bit then see where the disc is stuck.

As for a screw driver, they normally refer to it as a precision screwdriver and they come in small sets with lets say 3 Flat and 3 Philips(Star). In a pinch many dollar stores carry those. In some rare cases it may be a Torx(Looks like a 6 point star) but i doubt you have that.

Tip, if you have a small magnet you can place it on the shaft of the screw driver(even a 1-2 inches up the shaft) and then it will pick up the screws. Just do not use a powerful magnet near hard drives.

What a basic set looks like. This one has 4 flat and 2 Philips

What does a torx look like?

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