Question Laptop for Oculus Quest 2 Airlink/Link Cable ?


Nov 17, 2014
Good Evening All,

My wife got me an Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas and I love the thing. As a life long gamer its also made me want to spread my VR wings. Now that my old laptop is on its last legs, I was looking to kill two birds with one stone and was going to get a "gaming" laptop that would also allow my Quest to connect to it via AirLink or Link Cable. I was going to buy an Alienware m17 R4 with 16 gb and a RTX3070 because it looks like it hits, and exceeds, all the compatibility specs; however, in my research I have read a bunch of different topics and forum posts around various sites of their laptop not being able to connect, even though the RTX 30-series is compatible. I also haven't found anything as to what allows a laptop to connect (assumption is it is not the gpu but the available drivers for the gpu). Does anyone have a laptop that has been able to link with their Quest without any issues? Specifically I wanted to try Half Life Alyx and other higher end PC games on my Quest.

I apologize if this is the wrong forum and would be happy to post elsewhere on the site if more appropriate. I tried the Quest forums but it's more of a software discussion than technical know how.

Thank you and I appreciate all your help/feedback!
Jan 31, 2022
I have the Alienware M17R4 3070. It connects to my Quest 2 with Airlink, with no problem. It also runs the games on high settings, Alyx should run great. I did have to upgrade my old router to a TP-Link AX1800 WI-FI 6, my old router was slow and unreliable. I think you will need a WIFI 6 router. The new router works great. I also bought a $16 KIWI type C to C 10' USB cable that works great for wired connection, if needed. No need for the expensive Oculus cable.
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