Question Laptop hp 625 randomly freezes.

Apr 5, 2019
Hey guys, i am new to this forum. although i kept searching for a solution to my problem on this forum and other i did not find any. To make it short, i own an HP 625 laptop with 4gb ram, 320gb HDD storage, integrated ati radeon 4250 video card and AMD Turion II Dual-Core P540 2.4GHz processor. (full specs here, currently running windows 10 x64.
And i am a budget pc user, and budget gamer, on my main desktop i use to play cossacks 1, starcraft 1, warcraft III and other low end pc games, and use the laptop for media content and work email. And i am trying to make this old laptop work again, i have very low expectations from this laptop and i don't expect much from it as i do not ask for much.

So the problem: It randomly freezes doesn't matter if its running games/office or youtube, even if just idle, it just freezes. sometimes it happens when laptop is at 55 degrees celsius other times when it reaches 69, so i realize from this that temp is not the issue, windows is also not the issue, i was thinking that probably some drivers might be bad, and so i try installing an older version of windows 8.1, same thing, even after updating and searching all drivers, also tried linux (ubuntu / xubuntu / linux mint / arch linux) all of the distros had the same issue although didn't happen as often as in windows 10.

I installed HD tune and checked HD for errors at scan all blocks are green, only in Health tab of HD tune i see the next errors highlighted yellow:
(05) reallocated sector count - current 100 - worst 100 - threshold 5 - data 196611 - status warning
(C4) reallocated event count - current 100 - worst 100 - threshold 0 - data 3 - status warning
Do not know what these errors mean, do not know if HDD bad because of this or hdd is still working good.
, also with some utiliy HDD regenerator tried to check for bad sectors, made a bootable USB , booted the USB, but it froze as the scanning was performing, scan that reached 50% and then froze.

Tried checking for errors, reinstalling OS, stripping windows 10 , by stripping meaning i have it the bare bone version, deactivated cortana, edge, windows defender, all services that i know are safe to disable, it works great now for this old laptop, but the freeze still occurs.

Also just did, a change in thermal conductive paste, cpu and gpu, even though it was not needed, i see no difference in temp, cleaned the dust out from it, also i cleaned connection on ram sticks so no oxidation does the freeze.

I don't know what else to try, i don't want to replace components like hdd or ram, until i know for sure the faulty piece. i thank you for any advice or idea you might have, sorry for the spelling mistakes, not a native English speaker.

(a little update, after i cleaned the ram sticks with a small piece of paper, that got grey in the process it took like a few hours until it froze again, to explain freezing : the screen remains the same it does not turn off, keyboard and mouse are unresponsive)

Edit: plugging in AC or remove AC power supply doesnt fix issue, closing lid waiting for 5 minutes opening lid doesn't put pc to sleep, driver i think is not the issue because same thing happened on linux, also because of all the freezes it had, windows update takes like forever to update anything, and when it does, it doesn't complete the update because it will freeze again.
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