Laptop problem


Sep 30, 2017
I have Acer Aspire e1 572g with i3 4010u and 4gb of ram. It was working perfectly until a few months back when I had some kind of a short circuit and saw smoke coming out of the laptop. When I opened it, I saw thst the power button cable was burnt. It was working normally so I didnt bother to change that. The cable was just slightly burnt, nothing else. Before i changed the cable i saw my laptop doing double boots or not wanting to turn on the screen. Everything escalated when i was unable to see the image at all. The laptop is working, hdd is working, fan is spinning, lights are lighting but there is no image. So i changed the cable. After that it had the same issue so i googled and saw that i need to hold power button for 2 mins which i did and it worked. After that i would only get screen turned on with battery plugged in and charger disconnected. So after a few days it would boot with charger too but in thst scenario without battery. And it is eorth mentioning that hdd is 100% health. Also when i install windows, fresh windows, after using computer for lets say 10 minutes the computer freezes and i need to turn it off and then on. And usually after that i would get double boot or no screen at all. And when the pc freezes i get bsod next boot and need to reinstall windows again. Sometimes i get after 10 minutes of use screen turned off suddenly and i need to turn it off and hold power button for 2 minutes then turn it on. I tried changing the ram, but the same thing is happenning. I would try changing psu cable but we will see. Any suggestions?