Lay person assemblling a new computer


May 8, 2012
1. how do i know that the hardware im buying is 32 bit vs 64 bit and what is more recommended nowadays? Is ivy bridge 32 or 64 bit?

2. I am living in a tropical country where temps can go very high outside and moreso inside. However, i don't plan on overclocking. Will i need a cooler or will the built in fan suffice?

3. What is the approx discrete graphics card equivalent for Intel 4000?

4. What voltage for the psu(and motherboard???) should i get for a mainstream rig with all around use and with some allowance?

5. Any motherboards for an ivy bridge that is the most stable(rarely crashes)?

Thanks. Sorry for the multi questions but i wont be able to find multiple articles for all my queries


1. They're all 64 bit, been for years. IB is 64 bit.

2. I think the stock fan will suffice as long as your case has decent ventilation. A lower end aftermarket cooler is only $20 though.

3. An old 256 MB one, like a Radeon X800. Any contemporary card is miles ahead the Intel.

4. Eh? The PSU is a component that transfers AC from the wall to DC for the computer. It outputs at 3.3V, 5V and 12V. Consequently, the motherboard uses inputs at 3.3V, 5V and 12V. Perhaps you meant wattage? :lol:

5. I figure Asus is supposed to be the most reliable one. Well, that or Intel.


Apr 7, 2011

Not specifically. You need to 1) make sure you provide enough power (wattage) to your system and 2) choose a high quality PSU which will deliver this power. I'm not sure on what your exact plans are for this system, but a single GPU system with an Ivybridge CPU should only need a 600W PSU. Good brands are Corsair, Silverstone, XFX and Be Quiet!. The PSUs tend to be designed in such a way to provide the required amperage on the individual voltage rails.