LDT Frequency no no -(


Jun 2, 2006
I have a Gigabyte GA-8N-SLI Motherboard and whilst in Bios I moved the LDT frequency multiplier from its pre-set 4.0 setting to 5.0 setting then saved and exited Bios. Being this was my first OC I was exploring the settings and seeing what performance increases I could get with FSB and memory frequency combos.

Unfortunately after making this change the motherboard will not boot up at all. When I power on, the fans start up, but no lights on the mobo. I don't even get a beep for error codes out of it. I figured I would clear the CMOS and see if that would fix me up, but still no booting. I removed my 2 corsair DDR2 667 1mb x2 modules and then booted up to see if I got a beep and it did Beep to alert me no memory in mobo. At this point I am wondering if the mobo is Dead, or memory is fried. I wouldnt think that making an LDT change and then doing a reboot would cause hardware damage but could be wrong. Any help would be appreciated.


Apr 12, 2008
ya... set to 3x... it wont give you a better performance increase adjusting it. Leaving it at 3x is better for stability when overclocking.