Left Button Mouse Does Not Click On Anything

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Mar 3, 2013
Hey everyone,
First of all thanks for reading my question, anyway I have this problem with my wireless mouse and keyboard which is connected by a USB. The keyboard works fine and types properly but there is something wrong with the mouse. The left button on the mouse which should click on everything isn't clicking. It moved and highlighted things but nothing happened when clicking, I could still hear the sound when clicked but nothing happened, it just stayed. I have no idea on what it is, it might be the mouse (the right button worked normally though) or I'm not sure if I have pressed any buttons or combination. I really need help and I don't want to mess up anything else on my computer. I have changed the mouse keys so now I click with my left button instead of right, what do I do?

Windows 7
Pentium Inside and Pentium(R) Dual Core CPU processor
Model is ONETWO M3700
Installed Memory is 4GB
The System Type is 64-bit Operating System
It's also touch-screen so I can click on my computer screen and it will work.

I know it's not the battery but what do you think it's wrong? I'm so new to computer and stuck, please give advice that won't mess up my computer and advice that you think will work. I have tried everything on the Mouse bit but I'm so unsure!!!!!!! Thanks a lot peeps. :)
you can take it apart and try to bend the little copper thing back

but you need good eyesight and a very steady hand as its very small

tried it on my g7 as i loved that mouse

but didnt have either good enough eyesight or a steady enough hand so gave up

but since it was faulty any way no harm in trying

edit -- if you want to try fixing it



Jul 11, 2012
RThe thing with PAckard Bell computers is that they really are not designed for the operating system that they pre-install, they are actually better with a previous OS as they are supposed to have installed.

The ONETWO M3700 is only DDR2 800mhz ram which infers something like an XP or Vista operating system rather than Windows 7.
The integrated gpu is only 128mb which is way too low even for a Vista OS.

Considering that this PC has an screen built in to the Pc (or vice-versa), the usb ports are likely to be only 2.0 and not 3.0 as the logitech mouse might prefer, actually, I wouldn't be surprised if the usb ports were only 1.1 version, they don't actually say what the usb ports are in the specifications.

As for the battery suggestion, I had to ask. Many PC complaints are not actually due to any hardware isssues but dust clogging up the works and that is something that I used to never actually refer to as the issue so nowadays it seems like one just has to ask to actually cofirm or deny the request.

Also about the battery compartment, sometimes the connector can be loose or even drop out unexpected if the fitting is rather tight for certain batteries (perhaps you put them in back to front? lol)


Apr 10, 2017
I bought a brand new Logitech G403 wireless. What helped me was just to click on mouse1 (left mouse button) a couple of times a little bit harder. Then it started working lol.
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