Question Lenovo m92p mini tower psu upgrade

Mar 9, 2019
So I have an old thinkcentre m92p. (Q77 chipset)(mini tower not sff)
Its an i5 3570, 8gb ddr3, EVGA gt 1030

Nothing special, but I use it for gaming. Just WoW, and Esports, and its runs great
I want to upgrade to a gtx 1050ti, and am running the stock psu. 280w... its not the best lol.

the gt 1030 only draws 25w, but the 1050ti draws 75w... so im gonna need some more power.

Its basically the best gpu currently supported on the chipset.
And I know its not a bottleneck with this cpu.

So now to my question, lol. I am just learning about computers, so the hardware is confusing for me.
What PSU would fit in this case? A standard size?

I apologise in advance. I am new to this website, and all the posts about this were very old, and I need current components.
So sorry if this is a common question, I just cant seem to find the answer. Thank you.
Most GTX1050ti will run on slot power only; no aux 6 pin connector needed.
Check to see if you will need a low profile card.
I might just try it with your current psu.

If you want a psu upgrade, you need to find out about format compatibility.
Measure the dimensions of the psu from the rear.
If it is 86 x 150mm you have a ATX psu and you have an easy upgrade.

If your case is a low/medium profile case, you may have TFX or some other size that typically does not come stronger than 300w.