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  1. U

    Question More watts bad?

    I was going to get a nzxt e500 but the e850 is on sale for cheaper than the e500. Would this be bad to use a 850w psu even though I don’t need all that power? Also would the 850w use more electricity than the 500 watt because I don’t want a higher electricity bill.
  2. D

    Question I need help choosing a CPU, Motherboard and RAM

    I want a good CPU between 200-300€. I've been reading information about CPU's and I thought this one was looking pretty nice: Intel Core i5-9600K 3.7Ghz --> 250€ I don't know much about the current intel CPU generations or anything about AMD so recommendations are welcome. Now the question...
  3. J

    Question Would this PSU be good enough?

    I was thinking of getting this PSU (Seasonic SS-650HT 650w power supply) for my ryzen 3 2200g build. Is it sufficient enough for overclocking and gaming on the side?
  4. Megadeth!m!

    Question Bad video card?

    Hi i'm trying to figure out whether i have a bricked card or just a bad silicon lottery card. Basically i can't get the core clock past +40 without getting weird things happen in gta 5 like blurry textures and random glitches/freezing, But the memory is totally stable at +1000???? I know the...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Psu for my pc

    upgrading my coolmax psu Would a 850 watt psu be enough for my pc? Pc:
  6. M

    Question Dell optiplex 5040 SFF Upgrade

    Hello , New here . I have a dell OptiPlex 5040 ; I want to transfer it into a larger tower to upgrade the GPU . My question is , can I give my MOBO too much power ? I have a 650W PSU I want to put on it . Im upgrading the case to fit the GPU which is a GTX750TI-2GD5 . Any and all help with this...
  7. C

    Question New Power Supply Recommendations

    Hello, after a bunch of reading and people telling me on the forums i have finally deiced to upgrade from a CoolMax PSU (Mainly because of people telling me how unsafe they are) Does anyone have a good recommendation for a psu... i also want all the components in my pc to work with it. .ca...
  8. M

    Question How can I get a more stable voltage out of an ATX PSU?

    I'm starting working with Arduino projects, and in my actual project, I need to run a few servo motors. I, like many others, turned an old ATX1 PSU into a "bench" power supply (since Arduino can't provide enough current to power all the servos). I connected an 8.2-ohm 10-watt resistor in the 5v...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] 6 to 8 pin connectors

    Hello, I have recently bought a msi rtx 2060 and my 1000 watt psu from what I can see only has a six pin connector. I am wondering if I could use a 6 to 8 pin connector for my gpu. Thanks
  10. S

    Question Computer crash / power off issue

    Recently (for no apparent reason) my computer has been acting up and crashing upon launch of programs, games etc. The crashes are similar to that of a power cut, all fans stop spinning and all screens go black, then the pc reboots back to the login screen. I tried to run the pc with the GPU out...
  11. S

    Question Is my 700W PSU enough ?

    So, I will be replacing my AMD R9 290 with MSI GTX 1060 6GT OCV1.. I have 700W psu My specs are : MSI 970 Gaming MOBO AMD FX 8300 HyperX 8 GB DDR3 1866 MHz WD Blue 1TB HDD Patriot SSD Burst 120 GB
  12. Y

    Question My Hard Disk Drive is restarting Frequently

    I have 1Tb Segate barracuda 3.5 HDD it keeps restarting when read/write start on it i am using dual boot like ubantu and windows when my machine show me boot menu for OS selection then HDD won't restart but once i am select on of OS for starting computer, my HDD start restarting. Once it...
  13. I

    Question Where is problem in my configuration ?

    My configuration is : gpu : rx 480 4gb sapphire nitro cpu : amd fx 8350 motherboard : msi 760gm-p23(fx) (ms-7641) ram : 12gb ddr 3 psu : 500w lc power LC500H-12 V2.2 but i have problem with fps , recently i bought rx 480 4gb , previously i had r7 240 , and ofc i expected to get better fps but...
  14. velocci

    Question RM650x fan doesn't spin up

    Hi all, i have a Corsair RM650x PSU and the fan doesn't spin up. I know it depends on how much load is on it or how hot it is. I have an i5-660 cpu ,1050Ti video card and an SSD. do you think this is enough load for the PSU to have the fan spin? and is it supposed to spin when you first turn on...
  15. F

    Question Building a Gaming PC, need help with some components

    I'm building a gaming PC and want to future proof it so these are the components I am sure about, if there are better suggestions by not exceeding the price a lot, I'm open to them so this is what I've concluded in my system till now. I'll be doing 1080 and 1440 gaming mostly CPU- i7...
  16. T

    Question PC boots for a couple of seconds then shuts down

    Hi everyone. This morning I decided to clean my PC seeing it had a lost of dust built up especially around fans. I also unscrewed the cooler and applied new thermal paste. Ever since it won't boot up. It starts for a couple of seconds, doesn't go to post, there's no beep and it actually makes...
  17. U

    Question System will no longer boot, SSD/HDD keep disappearing in BIOS

    So for the past 2 hours I've been trying to figure out why on boot up I keep get prompted that my drive needs backing up and and could be failing? After poking around the BIOS and disabling my HDD and rebooting, windows begins to load from my SSD as normal. Now I shut the PC down and in my BIOS...
  18. N

    Question PSU makes loud noise when starting computer

    When I turn my PC off after coming home, it starts normally, but my PSU (BCP XS500, Sentey, pretty shit ikr) starts making this loud noise: A little hit to the back of the case mutes it, but most of the time the noise just comes back after a few seconds. At...
  19. K

    Question Need some clarity on PSUs and pure sinewave UPS

    Indian here. My UPS stopped working past two days and thinking of getting a new one. While going through the reviews i found things like active PFC and sine wave etc., which i'm not so much into it. My current PC setup is lets just say old like 6-7 years old with 450Watts zebronics PSU...
  20. woodson75

    Question PSU problem possibly causing "no signal" upon booting?

    Have an issue where a PC is powered on, but no signal to the monitor. Problem is not consistent though – after unplugging the power cord for a while, sometimes it works. Specs. are a 2014/15 Pentium G, 4GB DDR 3, Asus H81 mobo, Corsair 430 watt PSU. Troubleshooting so far – checked - seating...