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  1. AleksiDj52

    Question Cleaned my PC and when i boot up, it shuts off and repeats the same process

    Hello everyone, i will be quick here but few days ago i dusted off my pc using a hair dryer in the cool temp, did what i do every few months but when i pressed the power button to check if everything was working fine after the cleaning process, everything seemed alright but right before it beeps...
  2. H

    Question PC can't boot after enabling over 4G encoding, I even swapped most components ?

    Hi I've recently run into an issue on one system, that seemingly carried over onto my new build. First Specs MSI X370 SLI Plus Motherboard AMD Ryzen 5 1600 RTX 3060 TI Corsair DDR4 RAM 16GB 500GB SSD Main Drive and 2TB HDD (x2) Thermaltake 850 watt Tough Power Grand Series Gold I was in my...
  3. BruSV


    Hi, I've just mounted a PC for the first time. The PSU is making a static noise and I'm woried. The components are the following: I7-13700K RTX 4070Ti Z790 Gaming X AX Corsair RM850e ATX 3.0 80+ Gold Thank you!!
  4. Diabetix

    Question Which PSU to buy?

    It seems like my PSU broke down so now i need a new one. But i need help with deciding which one to buy. I'm not sure which Connections and what Wattage the PSU should have. As far as i'm concerned i need one molex connection and the old 12v pin (not the 12vhpwr ATX 3.0 one). Should i go for...
  5. F

    Question My PC suddenly often turns off when used without going through shutdown, just the PC immediately and the screen turns off

    Suddenly last night while playing games my PC suddenly turned off without going through shutdown, just the PC turned off immediately and the screen turned off as if it was turned off normally but didn't go through shutdown. And this morning, not when playing games, but even when idle, suddenly...
  6. D

    Question 3060ti underperformance/crashing

    I recently got a 3060ti (yes I know it’s outdated now). My system currently is a prebuilt that I’ve upgraded, and I’m concerned that I’m not getting the full performance out of the 3060ti. The system has 16gb ram, a R5 2600, and a 550w PSU. When I looked up minimum power requirements for the...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] Can i use a 3 x 8-pin 7900 XTX with only 2 x 8-pins connected to it ?

    the gpu is a xfx speedster merc310 7900 xtx black and psu is edit: 2018 model of corsair rm750x
  8. O

    Question Clicking noise from the PSU area ?

    Hey, i hear a clicking noise from the psu area. i can hear it while the pc is on and while it is turned off. The pc is new and the psu is 500w. View: it is not loud, but i can hear it effortlessly at night, my cpu is i5-12400f, gpu is 3060...
  9. qqrakka

    Question Safe to use singular 8pin to dual 6+2pin on a 8+6 pin card?

    Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused on how to proceed with this, I bought a Nitro+ RX 590 from my friend that I'd like to install into my system to replace the RX 560D I've been using for the past 5 years, but I am worried about the power requirements: The card has a maximum power consumption of...
  10. G

    Question Dell XPS One A2420 power supply replacement

    Hey all. Please forgive me since it's been years since I have really been on the forum. I have a Dell XPS One A2420 all in one machine that the power supply seems to have failed in. The model is a HIPRO HP-D2554A0 power supply. It seems to have been in use with servers as well, so the prices...
  11. Ludakhris

    Question Possible coil whine or buzzing sound every 2-3 seconds on and off while idle ?

    Hi guys. I just installed a new PSU and an Asus ROG Strix RTX 2080 to my PC, and I’m getting this annoying sound while idle. It starts the moment I turn my PC on. A possible coil whine every 2-3 seconds on and off. Anyone know what it is? View:
  12. A

    Question Need help with deciding which GPU should I get?

    Hello fellow users! So I opened this thread because im not sure about my PSU My PSU is Valx vl-012 430W power supply unit I know it is a really bad psu(some might call it the explosives that used on SpaceX's rocket launch) but I dont have enough money to get a good psu and a gpu So... My main...
  13. sterfried

    Question Freshly Installed RTX 4080 + PSU Dies, Troubleshooting Indicates CPU Issue

    Hi! I've had my computer for about 6-7 years now, and finally decided it was about time to upgrade my GPU, as well as my PSU to accommodate it. I ended up buying and installing a 750 W modular PSU, and about a day later I installed an RTX 4080 into the PC. They both ran fine in tandem for...
  14. D

    Question PSU blew up. Are other components okay?

    So yesterday while gaming I suddenly saw a flash near my PSU alongwith a loud pop sound, causing my PC to instantly shutdown. When I opened my cabinet, I saw a small metal piece stuck behind my motherboard(don't ask how it got there). I tested my motherboard and psu at a friend's pc only to find...
  15. M

    Question PC didn't turn on at all today, turned PSU on and off and now booted with no issues?

    My PC is about 6 years old, and this morning when I came to turn it on as usual it didn't get any power at all, the fans didn't even spin. So I unplugged the PSU and turned it off and on, plugged it back in and it's booted fine as usual, but I'm worried it's the start of a bigger problem as it's...
  16. P

    Question Strange PSU Problem

    Hi, everyone. To start off with, this is my PC build currently: MSI B450M PRO VDH Ryzen 3 1200 XFX Radeon RX 550 (4GB) 2 x 4 GB Patriot Signature DDR4 RAM 2400 MHz XFX TS 550 (Bronze) Crucial MX500 2.5" SSD Almost a year ago, I posted this thread about an issue I've been having with my...
  17. SpacedIsland

    Question PC crashing and restarting but only once per initial boot

    As the title suggests, my PC has been having this issue where it will find its self crashing and restarting instantly usually 20-30 minutes after I boot it up, sometimes sooner if I launch a game or even just random happenstance. Then after the initial crash and restart, the PC seems to work...
  18. 5

    Question Shucked white-label WD drive (WD180EDGZ) not working, despite having done all documented precautions.

    I couldn't get a shucked white-label WD drive to show up in BIOS and I don't know why. It was working with this exact config before. specs: - pc parts - WD Elements 18TB WDBWLG0180HBK-NESN (WD180EDGZ-11B2DA0) tests: - tested with the original power/microUSB 3.0 controller PCB; shows up in BIOS...
  19. Wraazum

    Question My psu's power cable burnt scratch, what do i do?

    Greetings My pc suddenly restarted 2-3 times and then turned off without wanting to turn on again. Then i smelled something burn near the pc and accidently saw that the power cord where is connected to the pc's psu have little scratch which smelled like burnt so i figured out why my pc wont...
  20. A

    Question coil whine on PSU, should I continue to use

    Thread title: My PSU coil whine that started a couple days ago has kept a constant semi-loud noise for sometime whilst I wait for my replacement, should I still use Title pretty much, its a Corsair CX550F RGB, 80 PLUS Bronze (White). 1 and 1/2 years old. As expected only happens when the PSU...
  21. A

    Question Corsair AX1600i exploded while plugged in to the UPS ! ?

    So i had a city blackout this week and my UPS activated itself has it should. Then i decided to turn the PSU off first and the UPS second, since passed about less 10min and no "wall juice". After a few seconds from switching the button and turning my back to turn off the UPS.. i heard a loud...
  22. consptheory77

    Question This PSU cable situation doesn't look correct (ATX 24P)

    Oh my gosh, the ATX 24P cable looks backwards from how it should plug in? Did I get a manufacturing mistake or am I an idiot and am just not understanding the logic of some connection here? The 8 pin part of the cable that...
  23. N

    Question How to check if I ruined my PSU

    I stupidly plugged in a 6 pin to SATA power adapter to my PSU with the PC off and realized it wasn’t the right and unplugged it. PSU was still switched on, but PC wasn’t turned on before taking the adapter out. I left and came back a few hours and found out that the breaker had tripped. I...
  24. 708jn

    Question Weird unknown buzzing sound (Not PSU)

    My pc buzzes but sometimes stop but its almost all the time it is not my psu I just got this a month ago its a 650w rog strix psu and my system isnt power hungry what could be the problem and is it bad?
  25. corbieristan

    Question I messed up my computer.... wonder what went wrong

    So i have this old computer from 2015 that i had build at the time and i was looking to sell it to a friend for cheap(it was working flawlessly until today...). I wanted to add a fan and put new thermal paste, which i did today. it worked fine for an hour, then it shut down on its own. I...
  26. G

    Question PC seemingly won't POST when display output is Graphics Card

    Hi everyone, I've already spent a day troubleshooting this PC and I'm scratching my head, it's quite bizarre and I feel like I'm on the cusp of working it out but there something I'm missing. The PC has been in perfect working order (used only for work, low-intensity office apps - new GPU c...
  27. K

    Question Can this 500W PSU handle an old GTX 660?

    Can this Micronics Cyclone III 500W power supply handle a GTX 660 without getting unstable? Rest of the specs are, Intel Core i5-4590 3.30 GHz 8 GB RAM H81 motherboard 1x SATA SSD + 1x HDD 7200 rpm
  28. J

    Question Did my PSU Fry my MotherBoard?

    Dual-CPU hobby build: 2 CPUs: Intel XEON E5-2680V2 Motherboard: Jingsha X79 S8 Dual-CPU motherboard (more info here: RAM: 256GB ECC RAM SSD: Samsung 256GB m.2 NVME GPU: Gigabyte RTX 3060...
  29. _dawn_chorus_

    Question Is it worth a PSU upgrade for a 5 year old Corsair RM850x (2018)?

    I'm upgrading my whole system but was hoping to reuse the PSU. Given that it has a 10yr warranty I assumed it will still last a good while, but opinions seem to vary wildly from different sources. I am seeing some people suggest PSU parts degrade faster than others. Is this really an issue? I...
  30. F

    Question Gtx 950oc causing PC to FREEZE and giving a random colour

    My specs:- Mobo- Asrock A320m Hdv r4.0(running on BIOS ver 7.40 which asrock doesnt recomend which is completely my fault but also i have been using it for almost 3-4 mths no issues until now) ram:-Hyperx 2400mhz(8gb) + Crucial 2666mhz(4gb)(later upgrades) Cpu:- Ryzen 3 1200(no oc) Gpu- Gigabyte...
  31. Cargarz

    Question My Stablizer Explode and nothing bad happen to pc, but i tried open the PSU to be safe and i found this.

    My stabilizer explode but still working, i open the case and i see the one of the capacitor??? explode. After the explode the stabilizer and pc working normaly, so I'm afraid that maybe something bad will happen to my pc, i turn off the pc, unplug all power and disassemble all my pc componen...
  32. R

    Question Desktop Shutdown Mid Game

    Hi All, I've been having an issue with my desktop where when I load multiplayer games, the computer appears to shut down or restart. The screen goes black and lights turn off in the tower. then, one light out of 2 will turn on. if I push the backlight button on the keyboard, it will flash but...
  33. beaniecent

    Question PSU PCIe Cable for Cooler Master

    Hi, I've recently tried installing a new GPU and realized I was missing a crucial 8pin - 8 (6+2)pin PCIe cable for my Cooler Master Masterwatt 750 PSU. This problem came up a week ago and I've been scouring the internet ever since. I've shot Cooler Master support a ticket about this last week...
  34. SurpriseApricot

    Question PC looses Video signal if GPU is placed under load

    Hi Everyone So I'm kinda at my wits end. My PC looses video signal ( the display goes black, sometimes the screen just goes black once, other times it does it a few times in quick succession before completely going black, with the only resoution being to restart my pc) if i try to put any sort...
  35. S

    Question Can a loosely connected power supply unit cause damage to a laptop?

    is it a bad thing that the cable connects to the power adapter block in a laptop power supply comes loose and is left alone while the laptop is under use? I am worried it could damage my hardware components due to unstable voltage.
  36. T

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to use Corsair RM550X Gold PSU with Gigabyte GA-945GZM-S2 mobo?

    Hi! Can I safely use Corsair RM550X Gold PSU with Gigabyte GA-945GZM-S2 (rev. 6.6) mobo, given it's an old motherboard? Thank you!
  37. M

    Question PSU clicking noises, is PSU wattage too low for my setup ?

    Hello :) I noticed today that my PSU is doing some strange noises, they sound like this: This sounds a bit like a cable is sticking to a fan but i checked a couple of times and it doesn't seem like there is any that does it. I also unplugged my GPU form the power...
  38. jzedd

    Question Installing a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti V2

    HI i bought an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti V2 gpu and i comes with two power outlets, i found a power cable for it but whenever I connect it my system won't start or seem like it has no power at all. Does this means i need a PSU with more voltage? I have a 650 W but it doesn't seem to be enough...
  39. Vitorcj

    Question Need help, PC failing to Start

    So just came home from work today and tried to start my PC. Right after pressing the power button, it started and about 1 second later it shut down again. It kept doing this process over and over unitil I had to plug it off. Im trying to figure out if the problem is my PSU or the MoBo, or...
  40. M

    Question Is a 650w PSU causing my reboots?

    Based on my research, and the PSU I have, beginning to think its the root of all my problems. Basically, been having reboots on high loads (gaming) further to upgrading to a 5800x from a 5600. System info Ryzen 7 5800x Mobo – B450 Aorus Elite V2 – bios 65a (latest version) I did wonder if this...