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  1. A

    Question System Shut down.

    Yesterday I was doing some casual gaming when my pc completely shut down... Now when I try to boot it up, the fans turn on for half a second then the system shuts down again. For more context...... I built my system less than a month ago and only used new vital parts such as my CPU...
  2. S

    Question PC restarts during heavy gaming, randomly

    Hello everyone! I started having some PC issues a couple of months ago, my PC restarts (without the BSOD) during some graphic intensive games -sometimes. So I tried the following: cleaning the PC reseating the cables plugging out some of the externals (camera etc.) My PC is not overclocked in...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Antec VP550P PSU good enough ?

    Hi guys ! Im looking to upgrade my PC- AMD RYZEN R5 3600 Zotac GTX 1060 3GB (Re-using my GPU) MSI MPG B550 GAMING PLUS 16 GB DDR4 CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB RAM 1 TB HDD 7.2k (Re-use) 1 CD/DVD R/W (Re- use) Thermaltake v250 TG RGB PSU : ANTEC VP 550P, it says 87% efficient on the box, has a 120mm...
  4. Z

    Question Maybe the tower is too small?

    Hello, here is my issue. I have a HP 6305 SFF Refurbished Desktop, AMD A4 3.4Ghz, 4GB Memory, 1TB HDD . The power supply is 240w. I wanted to upgrade it. So I ordered an ARESGAME AGV650(650W) power supply and just delivered. My bad! I found that it is too big, so I can't put it into the...
  5. Spacelion

    Question Triple-monitor setup for GTX 1050Ti ?

    Hello I need help, I'm planning to do a triple monitor setup for my work, I have 2monitors now and Im planning to add 1 more for my work, So my 1 monitor is 75hz IPS 23.8 inch and 1 Huion pen display Kamvas pro 20, I'm Planning to add 1 more 75hz IPS 23.8 inch, is it fine with my GPU and PSU...
  6. Erfugl

    [SOLVED] Motherboard lights up, but doesnt to turn on

    I have had this pc for several months now without any problem. Today however it decided to randomly not boot up. All i see when i turn on the PSU is the light from the motherboard that indicates power is running through. Sometimes the PSU would make a "click" noise (as it did when i turned it...
  7. E

    Question Which PSU should i get?

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my Thermaltake 600w psu since I think my system needs more power with the new stuff I'm gonna buy. I am thinking of getting an 80 plus gold psu since planning is too expensive. How much wattage do I need and if you have any recommendations that would be great. Also...
  8. Tomy23

    Question One ground pin displace while working

    This did not happen to me but I am curios about it. When I checked the pins of the PSU I saw that it has 2 ground pins. What would happen if one of them displace while the PC is working? Can it cause any problem?
  9. E

    Question Can the wrong model numbers on a fully modular PSU cause damage to my rig?

    I bought my daughter an EVGA 220-GT-0750-RX from their B stock product list. The full description is Part Number: 220-GT-0750-RX Description: EVGA SuperNOVA 750 GT, 80 Plus Gold 750W, Fully Modular, Auto Eco Mode with FDB Fan, 1 Year Warranty, Compact 150mm Size, Power Supply 220-GT-0750-RX...
  10. OneOddWolf

    Question Pc Shuts off when playing vr.

    So... every time when I play VR, I don't get a warning or anything like that, when it shuts off: Pc Shuts Down With No Windows Shut Down Logo, the screen just gets black FANS 100% for 0,5 sec Shut Off Pc On I might slowly feel like it's the PSU, cause the CPU is at 69c and my GPU is at 60c. But...
  11. T

    Question PSU recommendations ?

    I need to replace my current PSU, I would like something similar or maybe with a bit more power to accomodate future hardware updates. I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations :) Thanks Location: Poland Budget: around $200 My case: Fractal Design Meshify C PC: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600...
  12. V

    Question How do I run this water pump without the molex cord that came with my PSU?

    My power supply is the corsair AX1500i and I no longer have all the cords that came with it. AX1500i Digital ATX Power Supply — 1500 Watt Fully-Modular PSU ( I'm trying to run a pump but I'm not sure how to connect it without the needed molex cord: Alphacool VPP655 - PWM...
  13. M

    Question 3090 power spikes

    Hi! I've read a lot about PSU troubles with the 3090, and I've got the regular issue with random reboots while gaming. I am however running a EVGA Supernova 1600W, is it really possible that the current spikes from the 3090 can knock out such a powerful power supply?
  14. nebulas_mom

    Question Help New PC Builder

    I just built my first PC, my friends who’ve been helping me are currently unavailable right now. I just went to start up my computer for the first time, but everything isn’t running. My motherboard is on and glowing, but my fans on my gpu and the cooling system aren’t on and neither is my PSU...
  15. M

    Question PSU issue, rails good with multimeter but fail paperclip test

    As stated in the title, when I try the paper clip test, at best I get a click and a momentary spin of the fan. However, using my multimeter all the rail voltages are as they should be and this is confusing me here. I've tried this psu with a build I was putting together but never got more than a...
  16. Lawin_000

    Question Need help finding out what this click sound is coming from my pc

    Every time I turn on or turn off my pc I hear a quiet click noise, I'm scared if this is bad because I don't wanna risk my pc. Could anyone tell me what it could be? I'm thinking its either the power supply or motherboard. My specs: Motherboard: Gigabyte B365M DS3H CPU: i7-9700k RAM: 16GB DDR4...
  17. Ltourikis

    Question 650W is enough for RTX 2060 and Ryzen 7 3800x ????

    I got Ryzen 7 3800x and a 650W + Gold Corsair PSU will be enough for an RTX 2060 or i need higher? also have a MSI 32' Gaming monitor MSI X570 MOBO 16Gb RAM M.2 500Gb Need Help Thanx!
  18. D

    Question PSU Questions

    Hi there everyone! So, current system specs as follows: A88M-G/3.1 Motherboard AMD A10-7700K Corsair H55 120mm dual fan (push/pull config) AIO 2x16GB DDR3 (running 1066) 256GB SK Hynix NVME (Boot) 256GB SK Hynix SATA SSD (Games) 5 1TB HDDs } 4 of these are 7200RPM 1 2TB HDD } 2 of these...
  19. Question PSU Voltage Tolerances higher than standard but the system working, any threat?

    Today I noticed that my PSU +12V Voltage Tolerance is higher than standard but the system works fine! Is there any threat? Standard for +12V Voltage Tolerance: +12 ±5% (±0.60 V) +11.40 V to +12.60 Column Order from left to right: Sensor | Value | Min | Max
  20. B

    Question Pc suddenly shuts off without warning

    So my friend has a pc, that seems to suddenly just shut down without warning. He has a ryzen 5600x and a rtx 3080 with a 750w Corsair PSU. all temps look fine and everything seems alright until the problem occurs. one detail is that the pc wont turn on again until he switches the psu off and on...