Question Less Known Psu Brands


Apr 25, 2019
After upgrading my gpu I ended up buying a PSU called Gametech GTP-600. Its price is equivalent to 50-60 usd.

I believe the brand only exists where I live (Turkey). The psu is 600W, 80+ certified. I bought it from a well known online shopping web site and it had a lot of customer reviews which were overwhelmingly positive. The only bad ones were related to delivery. I checked other web sites as well, people who bought it had no problems with it. I also noticed that in the same web sites, Corsair VS series and some Cooler Master products had far more negative reviews. I just went for it even though I could've bought an fsp 500w psu for a similar price.

I also checked forums, people were recommending avoiding the brand like a plague, and getting FSP, Seasonic, Corsair vx etc. instead. The same advice I'd get here probably. Most of them weren't talking from experience, people who bought it were saying they had no problems with it 'so far'.

I've been using it for 6 months now. So far there aren't any problems. Right now, I have the budget to change it with an FSP psu. I'm not sure about changing it. Do bad PSUs still kill other components?
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The company that makes those PSUs, Foshan Xingsun Electronic Technology Co. Ltd, has only been around for two years. So it's hard to say where the level of quality is.

Looking at the spec label, it seems to be a double forward, group regulated PSU. So pretty cheap. No internal shots anywhere on the Internet.

Yes. Bad PSUs do kill other components. That's why you shouldn't use them.