Liquid Cooled GTX 580

My opinion is that a 120mm radiator isn't sufficient to cool a gtx 580 and a proper cpu. You have enthusiast class graphics so the assumption would be you would NOT pair it with an i3. You'd clearly want the i5-2500k at minimum to go with it. The Corsair H50 is just enough to keep a Q6600 at 3.6ghz, 1.45v manageable. That's push/pull. I didn't read the review. I've seen before though the clock specifications they had for the PNY 580 that doesn't have the extra cpu cooling. It was pretty ambitious. EVGA's and others 580s are just too good to mess with PNY. I made that mistake with a PNY 570. It pales compared to the EVGA 570. I think PNY should have done this on the 550-570 line-up and left the 580 alone.

I'll wait to see Tom's Hardware tests if they bother with it.
OK, I read the review. I'm not buying it. Looking at the crysis 2 benchmark in particular. 4x aa? Where? Are they customizing the cfg? Did they use the in-game benchmark (which tests much higher than a fraps run) or do fraps runs? Compare all of their bench results to whatever you can find on Tom's that's comparable and extrapolate from there. I just don't see it. hell... they might have jumped in the game and recorded the fps while standing still in the environment. I question everything.

Edit: They probably didn't include results from a stock 580 because it would've been the same +/- 3%
Evga GTX 580 Hydro Copper 2 , has a full card water block and is the best card out there , the version I have has 3 gb of ram and is factory clocked at 850 mhz. I play Call of Duty Black Opps and the temps never get out of the 40's c. I have 3-way SLI running into a quad radiator. The cpu and ram are on a seperate loop. I checked out the link you supplied and the question I have is if the PNY card is a water cooled card why is there a fan on it and it takes up two slots? If you check out the link below you will see a proper water cooled card and a single slot solution as well.


Good point. Probably has a block on the gpu and air cooling the memory and caps. Could you imagine trying to have 3 of these in your rig? lol... hmm 3 separate 120mm rads or 1 3x120 or 4x120, or the 140mm flavors... hehe... oh where to mount... PNY's wanting to be the main supplier for a store like Best Buy... the people that stroll into those stores or shop for graphics from its website will probably eat this up.


Sep 12, 2011

The price dropped on this, so the $519 price tag is pretty attractive:

PC WizKids gave it a solid write up too:
Everything I have seen on the liquid cooled PNY GTX 580 has been really good. It comes with the highest factory overclock of any GTX 580, beating the Gigabyte SOC by 2 mhz. At the same time, the liquid cooling keeps the GPU temps up to 40c cooler than the standard air cooler. PureOC was able to overclock it to 970 mhz, and like the others on this thread, they were intially skeptical, but came away totally convinced.